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Why steering of Nissan Terrano feels tight at high speed?

By: Manoj on 12 june 2015

7 Answers:

Hello Manoj !!

It is quite normal thing the steering of your Nissan Terrano becomes tight, it is because to ensure more handling of the car at higher speeds. To need more handling of your car at higher speeds, so if the steering it tight, moving it slightly an inch only will make the car bobble in the road. 

Karuna   2015-06-12

Hi Manoj, The multifunctional power steering wheel with audio control of your Nissan Terrano SUV feels a bit tight while travelling at higher speeds should be taken as a blessing in disguise. At higher speeds, if the steering is not tight, a slight touch to it even inadvertently can lead to the car wobble or change its course, leading to unforeseen circumstances.

Aditya   2015-06-25

It is not the fault of the car that the steering feels tight when you try to take a turn at a high speed. It is just that at that speed the wheels do not have a tendency to turn and hence keep going straight so you cannot turn the steering as well.

Dev Bhardwaj   2015-06-27

This is basic Physics. You know when you throw a ball straight it will have less of a way to turn than to go straight, similarly you can experience the factor in the car. When at high speeds the tired are going straight and cannot be turned very easily then.

Pankaj Gulliya   2015-07-02

The terrano is a very good car except its steering column. I too expect a same problem when I try to turn the car at a 100kmph. I too did not know the reason first but then I now understood the reason looking at the comments others made. Thankyou people

Bhagvat   2015-06-29

This is a crap car with a high cost. I too experience the same problem and the technicians too cannot figure it out. The after sales service is just as bad the people are just as stupid as they can be. However the problem is not only the steering but the car.

Sathak Vohra   2015-06-30

My friend this is basic physics rule if you know what I mean. Just google tangential throw of a body and the first law of Newton’s and you will figure out how things work out and that how are we able to make things going in straight line not make a turn.

Anthony   2015-07-02

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