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What is the difference between Nissan engines when we compare these with engines by other manufacturers? Also, please talk a little about the Pathfinder car.

By: Tej on 2016-29-07

1 Answers:

The Nissan engine is much better than a Honda or Toyota engine mainly due to low maintenance cost of the engine. Nissan uses a much advanced technology in comparison to others. For example, there is no timing belt in the Nissan engines and instead they use a timing chain which has a much longer life when compared to the belt. Similarly due to such advanced materials being used in the Nissan engines, it is believed that they run without any major faults for even up to 3 lakhs kilometres at times, if they are maintained well. Nissan engines are often referred to as the bullet proof engines as well. The engines by Nissan are definitely worthy but it is only the after sale cost and spare part cost which causes the failure of Nissan cars especially in the Indian market.

Nissan Pathfinder is a very powerful 7 seater vehicle which has a 4x4 drive. It is equipped with a 3.5 litre engine producing a mammoth 260bhp. The vehicle, despite its heavy size goes from zero to 96 kmph in 7.5 seconds due to this high powered engine. It is however not available in India but can be specially ordered. For that you will need to go to your city's Nissan dealer and have a word with him and I am sure he will work something out for you.

Riya Khilore    2016-29-07

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