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User review on Nissan Terrano written by Anshul Aggarwal (Guest) on 05 March 2015

Year of Manufacture : 2014 | Driven no. of Kms. : 2700

  • Overall
    Overall rating: 2.75
  • Exterior
    Overall rating: 4
  • Suspension
    Overall rating: 3
  • Comfort
    Overall rating: 2
  • Safety
    Overall rating: 2
  • Pros:
  • Cons:
I was planning to buy a new car for the past couple of months. While looking at different models in the market, I got very convinced by Honda City and even made a booking for the car. Then I noticed the Nissan Terrano and was impressed with the looks of the car. But, before making the final purchase, I was not very convinced with the brand name Nissan for the Cars in India. I approached your showroom, Neo Nissan situated in Noida, with my doubts. There Mr. Sudhir Baliyan, AGM Neo Nissan, made sure that the product is having no complaints in terms of sales or the services. But here I am writing this email, at the cost of my working hours, to share with you the quality that I have experienced in terms of services as well as sales. When I bought the car from the showroom, the dealer also gave me a deal for the seat covers. He asked me to send the car on some day for getting them stitched on my seats. I called the executive Mr. Harmeet one day and took the appointment and send my car. Later in the evening, I called them to check the status of my car (please note that delivery was to be made in the evening and they had not called me anytime to confirm the status) then I was informed that the car was not done and can’t be delivered today. I asked them to arrange a conveyance for me to reach home, to which they said that I can call a cab a they will pay for the same. Please note that a person spending 14 lacs for a car does not care for the cab charges, all I wanted was for them to arrange a conveyance for me which they did not, and for the information, they never neither asked me for the cab charger neither they pay the same. The car was delivered to me not on the next day but another day after that. And that delivery was also done by a lot of firing and arguments. Few days later, the air conditioning of the car stopped working. I went to the service station and they opened my front bumper for diagnosis. i was told about the problem and then they said that its already lunch time and they left the car unfinished. I checked my watch , it was 01:20 pm in the noon. The total time taken for the diagnosis and delivery was about 4 hours, in which 3 hrs and 30 minutes went in waiting only. Please note that I have seen government offices caring less for the lunch time and working more efficiently. Well, after the diagnosis I was told that the part is unavailable. I asked them to arrange the part and inform me and I will send the car accordingly. I confirmed the part on telephone and send my car. I had no time to spare the car and that’s why asked them to cooperate and call the car in such a plan that it could be delivered the same day. Surprise surprise, I got the car after three days on 1st march 2015. Now here is the condition of the car delivered to me: 1. 1. Car was dirty from inside as well as outside, when asked that why did they not washed it when they had a three days time for the work, they said that they got the part on the very same day at 5:00 pm only and couldn’t arrange for the cleanliness. I have seen kinder garden kinds making much more mature excuses. 2. 2. Couple of days before the car was send to the service station, a plastic cover from the passenger front seat came out while pulling the seat (yes sir, this is the quality of your product which claims a price of Rs 14.00 lacs appx.). I left the part on the seat and told Mr Onkar Tiwari (DGM services of the Showroom), to look after that and got it fixed. The problem was intact at the time delivery and the part was lying in all its glory at the rear seat where I left it. 3. 3. And here is something astonishing, something that not even a Tata Nano owner expects form the company’s service station, A SCRATCH. There was scratch above the front left head lamp, made by some tool, glorifying the carelessness and mishandling of the product. 4. 4. After a couple of hours I noticed that the front right headlight’s height is not adjusting (please don’t be surprised by the poor quality). After a lot of heated arguments, I took the delivery and came back home. I had a friend dropped me to the showroom who witnessed all this drama and got so disappointed that he posted the event on social media. You good company might have noticed the post and a good executive called me on my phone the next day. I was busy at that moment and asked him to call me back in 10 minutes to which he agreed and assured. I got the call after appx 5 hours (not in 10 minutes). I asked the good executive that I had asked him to give me a call in 10 minutes , to which he apologized. I was busy again at the moment and told him that I will be free in half an hour and he can call me then. Dear sir, I a day has been passed and I am still waiting for that call. Dear sir, its not been even 5 weeks and I have faced the problem a person faces in the lifetime of the product. No one expects to spend such a hefty amount on the car and then keep patrolling between service station and home. When a person buys a car for such amount, he expects some luxury and quality in the product, I am missing here both. Every time I had to spend 2-3 hours for first leaving the car in the station and then again 3-4 hours while taking the delivery. I am a busy man and can’t afford such mishandling of my time at the hands of such idiots. I buy a car for my convenience, but this one has become a pain in my head. You are requested to kindly provide the service and if that is something too much to ask, please take your product back. Regards, Anshul Aggarwal

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