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Is LPG or CNG versions available of Porsche 911 in India?

By: Upen on 23 april 2014

7 Answers:

Porsche is famous for its Every detail is designed to the perfection. It performs best with original parts and accessories only. Any changes in performance of engine or any other mechanism would only lead to complicated problems than solving the purpose of economy. Hence its not worth trying to fit any kits such as LPG/CNG etc.

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Sonal Gupta   2014-04-23

No, it isn't without modification. The car is one of the best sellers of the Porsche's and it's model have been developing with every new version. These days people may prefer the most latest of all like the carrera 4 or others, as far as we know it has the most smoothest engine with high power and energy which gives the real feel of this car and in my opinion changing the fuel type may affect it's performance so, it's better the way it is manufactured for it's high peak performance.

Ranbeer   2015-01-22

I agree with the above reply because this car was made to give it's fullest to it's customers. The engine is a classic with no doubt all features are there to make it feel more lively and enjoyable driving or even riding. If you focus on it's actual capacity to control its task with class I would say that it is made as it should be to give the most out of it to satisfy it's customers to the fullest, and there isn't any LPG or CNG variant available on this car.

Kabir   2015-01-23

I am sorry to say but, this car is available with petrol variant only. Yes, this car can be modified but as told by the other experts it would be a series waste to change its engine type because more or less petrol cars can be much smoother than others and the Porsche 911 is one of the most classic models with many variant versions but, till now this model is made for petrol only and it is giving great performance and is still satisfying its customers up to the date.

Rishank   2015-01-24

No, the car is not available in LPG or CNG. This car is giving its top most satisfaction with petrol till now and it's also giving more mileage and great engine in every new version Till now they might not have felt the need to upgrade it, it may be because of the above reasons but, I think if needed or demanded by the customers they may launch a new version of Porsche 911 with LPG and CNG variants also.

Arjun   2015-01-26

This car is available with both variants. The customers are satisfied and as well as the engineers have increased it's engine power in all new variants of this model. The car is giving top notch performance with all comfort which is because of the petrol type engine, as said by others it may or it not may change but surely would be change the car's performance so, its better to have the factory made setup rather than asking for variants.

Raghav   2015-01-27

Yes, I agree with all the above answers. This car model of the Porsche's have been in the market from many years it's a luxurious plus a sport car, it carries all comfort, new tech and many other things but the Porsche 911 is still known for its smooth and powerful engine and in my opinion it's better with the petrol variant but if engineers can develop a more powerful and better engine, may be the car can perform the same with CNG or LPG.

Ishaan   2015-01-28

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