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What is the acceleration of Porsche 911?

By: Divyank on 2014-06-07

3 Answers:

It's a high performance sports car with racing engine. The technology of direct injection and vari cam plus boosts the performance. It can sprint from 0 to 100kmph in just 4.6 to 4.8 seconds. Just start the engine and press accelerator pedal. Within a short time you could see that you have already crossed 100kmph mark and you can virtualy be driving at speeds of over 180 to 200kmph. In standard conditions, you can drive the car at above 280 to 300kmph. In general speed is limited to max of 250kmph as per traffic regulations.

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Sonal Gupta    2014-06-07

This model is accessible in various trim levels, each of which can accomplish a particular level of top velocity. The Carrera trim fueled by a 3.4-liter motor can rupture a 100 Kmph stamp in 4.8 seconds and accomplish a top pace of 289 Kmph. The Cabriolet trim can achieve a greatest rate of 286 Kmph, while softening the 100 Kmph hindrance up 5.0 seconds. The Carrera 4 trim can accomplish 285 kmph and it can quicken from 0 to 100 in only 4.9 seconds. The Carrera 4 Cabriolet trim can zoom towards 100 Kmph in minor 5.1 seconds and can go up to 282 Kmph . Then again, the Carrera S trim can break 100 Kmph stamp in 4.5 seconds and can accomplish a greatest pace of 304 Kmph. The 4S trim can go from 0-100 Kmph from a halt in around 4.5 seconds and can zoom towards a greatest rate 299 Kmph. Both the 4S and S Cabriolet variations can quicken towards 100 Kmph mark from a stop in 4.7 seconds and can accomplish a most extreme velocity of 301 and 296 Kmph individually.

Naitik    2014-14-08

This version of the 911 accelerated 0–60 mph (100 km/h) in 5.4 seconds and had a top speed of 150 mph (242 km/h) as measured by Auto car. Factory times were more modest: 0–60 mph time of 6.3 seconds for the US version and 6.1 seconds for cars outside the American market.

jagdesh    2015-13-01

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