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Porsche Boxster Ground Clearance

Porsche Boxster
  • Porsche Boxster Ground Clearance in mm 111 mm
  • Porsche Boxster Ground Clearance in Inches 4.37 inches
  • Porsche Boxster Ground Clearance in cm 11.10 cm
  • Porsche Boxster Ground Clearance in Feet 0.36 feet

As a sports car, Porsche Boxster boasts of a ground clearance of 111 mm. This is perfectly in sync with its speed requirements and the need to maintain an enhanced aerodynamics. The low ground clearance has the centre of gravity of the car better placed to strengthen its equilibrium, especially when travelling at high speeds. Though not suited for the city roads that are dotted with sundry hurdles, it can, by following a few truisms, manage to stay clear of the ‘obstacles’. These truisms include riding on tyres with optimum pressure and reducing the speed to a bare minimum of 20 Kmph, when faced with a speed breaker.


Additionally, it would involve replacing the softer suspensions on the underside with the harder ones. This stunning sports car have Audi TT and Porsche 911 as its competing rivals, possessing ground clearance figures of 135 mm and 155 mm, respectively. Hence, Porsche Boxster as a sports car is adequately armed with a low ground clearance but will have problems manoeuvring through the hurdle laden Indian roads, unlike its two rivals.

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Porsche Boxster Ground Clearance Comparison

Compare ground clearance of Porsche Boxster with its immediate competitors. Ground clearance of Porsche Boxster competes directly with and Audi TT. Put straight, any ground clearance crossing 170mm is considered to be decent, whereas, in case the ground clearance of a car is below 160mm, it's not good for Indian roads. Another thing that should be considered while making a buying decision is that cars with ground clearance of less than 160mm would be fine if the intended driving terrain doesn't have any bumps. Think of what sort of roads do you have in your locality and at your expected visits, then zero down your purchase.

Porsche Boxster

Compare Porsche Boxster Ground Clearance with Alternatives

  • Price
  • Ground Clearance in mm
  • Ground Clearance in inches
  • Ground Clearance in cm
  • Ground Clearance in feet
  • Porsche Boxster
  • 111 mm
  • 4.37 inches
  • 11.10 cm
  • 0.36 feet
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class
  • 155 mm
  • 6.10 inches
  • 15.50 cm
  • 0.51 feet
  • Jaguar F-Type
  • 113 mm
  • 4.45 inches
  • 11.30 cm
  • 0.37 feet

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