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Give some maintenance tips for Porsche Cayenne?

By: Ronit on 14 november 2014

3 Answers:

Maintenance of super luxury cars eeds more attention to safe driving of the vehicle rather than maintenanc as per schedules. Because, as customer of Porsche, the service engineers would follow up the maintenance schedule of it. Getting it as per schedule would be good enough. However apart from this, importance has to be given for efficient and safe handling of the car. The very high power could mean that it would take cautious driver to handle the car. Otherwise a slight erratic driving would lead to heavy damages leading to lakhs of Rs being spent for repairs.  

Sonal Gupta    2014-11-14

There are basic tips which get your car work a long time. One of them is, getting engine checked. The most important feature is to get you engine checked regularly for any nicks and cuts and get it fixed before the damage get all catastrophic and your car fails to work.

garima chauhan   2015-01-08

The lubrication of all moving parts is very important, hence the use of a good engine oil is must before getting the car to work. The car requires very less amount of engine oil at a time but it needs to be replaced every once in a while to have a good car.

tina yadav   2015-01-10

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