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Porsche Cayman Airbags

Porsche Cayman

Among the premium luxury cars in the world, Porsche Cayman holds a special position as one of the premium sports cars. Apart from its robust engine performance, it is also endowed with state of the art safety features – SRS airbags being one of them. SRS or Supplementary Restraining System wields airbags that are made of special fabrics and are placed in particular positions of the car; dashboard and sides, and deploys the same in the event of a collision.


This safety feature is found to be paramount during accidents for at that time the body, especially the torso and head, tend to get hit to the bonnet, steering wheel or sides of the car quite ferociously. This can eventually result in fatalities or serious injuries and that is where SRS airbags come to the rescue of the riders. And as opposed to Porsche Cayman’s 4 airbags, its rivals such as BMW Z4, Lamborghini Aventador and Audi Q7 have more airbags.


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Porsche Cayman

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