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Porsche Cayman Power windows

Porsche Cayman

Equipped with the power windows feature on its front windows, Porsche Cayman comes as a name to reckon with in the rarefied world of premium sports cars. Although, the car has its front windows featuring the power windows function, it fully suffices the need as the front windows pans the entire width, save a few inches covered by the rear fixed windows.

The front windows have motors hidden inside the doors, which can be activated by the mere touch of a button. And upon activation, the glass panels raise up to fully close the windows in an instant. This suddenness of operation is very important to prevent the entry of unsavoury external elements like smoke, dust or rain drops. The sports car faces the likes of BMW Z4, Lamborghini Aventador, Audi Q7, and BMW M3 among others as competing vehicles with power windows being a part of their overall design. So, Porsche Cayman is well endowed when compared with others in the segment. 

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