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Is LPG or CNG versions available of Porsche Cayman in India?

By: Dhaval on 2014-13-07

5 Answers:

No, Porsche doesnot supports LPG and CNG fuel type. Usually premium cars like Porsche don't come with LPG or CNG because of the fact that these gaseous fuels directly affect the performance of the car.

All About Porsche Cayman

Sonal Gupta    2014-13-07

The Porsche cayman is a premium segment car having a great engine of 3.5 L engine and capable of displacing a power of 345 PS @ 7400 RPM and torque 340 Nm @ 4400 RPM. It has a compression ratio of 11:1 running over the petrol. The car is capable to reach a speed of 100 KMPH in 7 seconds, Imagine the same on a gas engine. Simply the clear funda is premier segment cars are not coming with the LPG or CNG versions.

Gippi    2015-19-03

I am agreeing with the above statement, the premium cars don’t come up with the LPG or CNG engines. As gas based engines are not capable at all. So premium cars do not come with LPG or CNG engine. The premium luxury cars mare made out of the race cars engines and comes at a very handsome price like in case of Porsche cayman it comes at a price of 1.81 Lac to 1.17 Cr why someone will go for a powerless car.

Ashutosh    2015-21-03

I am agreeing with the above statement Porsche cayman doesn’t come with a LPG and CNG engine. And its been said correctly by the above users that LPG engines are not capable to handle the ultimately powered car like cayman. So no one will think about a car of 1.17 Cr to be running over an inefficient fuel like LPG or CNG. Clearly these power horses are not on CG or LPG at all.

Nimit    2015-23-03

Guys, yes I acknowledge the same, No Porsche engine has been made to run over the alternative low cost fuels like LPG or CNG. These fuels are inefficient and none performing when compared to the fuels like petrol and diesel. These fuels are an alternative and low cost fuel option for low budget cars comes in small budget. High budget and premium cars like Porsche are not made for these alternative fuels.

Diljeet    2015-25-03

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