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The company Premier Motor Manufacturing is a type of automobile manufacturing industry, founded in the year 1903. The founders of the company were Harold O. Smith and George A. Weidely . The headquarters of Premier is located in Indianapolis, in Indiana, in United States of America, and it is serving across the world. The products of Premier are such as automotive parts and vehicles.


A 1903 model of Premier is on exhibition in the “speedway museum” in the Indianapolis. A model of 1918 Premier is on exhibition at the museum & Space Farms Zoo in Sussex, in New Jersey.

A 4 cylinder touring car model of Premier came in the year 1904. This model was furnished with a tonneau, such that it had the capability to accommodate 6 passengers, and which was sold for just 5000 USD. The mounted vertically water cooled 4 straight cylinders, located at the car’s front, produced 30 kW i.e. 40 bhp. A 3 speed sliding gearbox was employed as on cars of systemepanhard from Europe. The steel framed pressed car weighed approximately 1021 kg i.e. 2250 lb and employed semi elliptical springs. A twin cylinder model of Premier sold for 2500 USD. It had a straight two 2 stroke engine developing 15 kW i.e. about 20 bhp.

The model L and model F during the year 1906 were present on the market with prices ranging from 1250 USD to 2250 USD. The models were advertised as winter and summer vehicles, which had a super powerful motor, easier but substantial clutch, luxurious upholstering and buoyant springs.


Premier is a public company type, AMTE (automotive machine tools engineering) industry founded in the year 1941. Its headquarters is located in Mumbai, in India. The key people of the company is MaitreyaDoshi as its managing director and as chairperson. It employees to around 1000 plus people. Walchand Group owns this company in India.


Premier company was founded in the year 1941 as anoutcome and negotiated for license with Chrysler Corporation in order to build a Dodge truck and a Plymouth car, sold under the Plymouth, Dodge, Fargo, and DeSoto names starting around the year 1949. In the initial stages of the company, quality was well thought-out to be good by both the IDD (Indian department of defence) and Chrysler. In the year 1949, components were being manufactured in India, commencing with simple components and building up gradually to more multifaceted pieces. 2 companies have manufactured components for these vehicles. Calcutta’s Hindustan motors and Premier. The early ages of Hindustan motors and premier were marked by actually low sales, because of the market size; about 20000 vehicles were only manufactured per year in india, with models of 65 varieties. To avert foreign companies from controlling by mass manufacturing components to be assembled in india into cars, the government built up steep importation duties on the parts of import in the year 1954, which allowing parts makers of Indian to survive.

Manufactured and licensed version of Premier’s Fiat 1100, starting in the year 1964 and continuing unchanged almost into the 1990s late. At the beginning stage the car was marketed with the brand name Fiat and as the PP i.e. PremierPadmini subsequently with a 30 kW (40 hp) 1100 cc displacement engine and bought up at the defunct at present Kurla facility in Mumbai’s suburban. Future models included 118NE of Premier, which was named after 1180 cc displacement engine of Nissan and transmission gearbox from the Cherry of Nissan, a version of Fiat 124 1960s period, built in a new factory located in Kalyan, thought to be the luxurious car in India until the modern cars influx in the 1990s.

With liberation of market, with Peugeot Premier joined its hand to build the popular and outdated model Peugeot 309 model in India. Earlier demands was very high but poor dealer service and labour problems led to problems that were compounded when with Fiat the Premier aligned with to manufacture the model Uno of Fiat. Around the year 2001 Peugeot pulled out from the joint venture later only a few models were sold. Service and labour issues also weighed down the venture of Fiat and finally a strike caused the factory to close down around 2001. Premier and Fiat faced severe criticism from media. Against the promoters there were numerous cases and the India’s consumer courts were flooded with objections for non-refund of the money of the car reservation. The Premier automobiles promoters have also been opposed with criminal cases under section 27 in India’s numerous consumer courts of CPA i.e. Consumer Protection Act. A Gujarat-Rajkot based customer association called had called PCCA has made numerous representations counter to the Automobiles limited of Premier.

Premier restarted its operations from the month of November in the year 2004 by constructing a diesel powered small van called Sigma. It was founded on a Mitsubishi Varica of 1980s, design licenced from Taiwan’s China Motors, with an engine of Peugeot from the 309.

Premier at present has 2 business segments: Automotive and Engineering. Engineering and Division of CNC Machining are the 2 activities of the Engineering, on the other hand the segment of automotive consists of sports utility vehicles and light utility vehicles. Based originally in Mumbai, a plant of Premier is now situated in Chinchwad, in Pune, which is a certified plant of ISO 9001. This plant is spread over twenty seven acres as the development, centralized research, and manufacturing for complete range of vehicles.

In the year 2009 on the month of October Premier again entered the market of Indian passenger vehicle with an SUV named as Rio. Assembled from Zotye Nomad I’s CKD kits and manufactured by China’s Zotye Auto, the Rio was one of the finest model of Premier. This model was a mediocre copy of an antique model of Terios, which has been thrown away by Daihatsu.

Models of Premier

These are some models of Premier such as Plymouth Belvedere, Plymouth Savoy, and Dodge Kingsway, Fiat Uno, Fiat 500, and Peugeot 309.

Previous models of Premier

Premier 118NE, which was derived from the model 124 of Fiat and PremierPadmini, which was derived from the model 1100 of Fiat.

Current models of Premier

Premier Rio, which is first compact diesel powered sports utility vehicle of India, rebadged Daihatsu Terios.

·         A compact diesel powered pickup called PremierRoadstar.

·         Closed and open body tipper Premier Roadster Tipper.

·         A compact diesel powered MPV called Premier Sigma.

·         An ambulance based on Premier Sigma Lifeline shared platforms of Sigma.

·         A cargo carrier Premier Sigma Express based on the platforms of Sigma.

·         A School Van of Premier Sigma, which is powered by a diesel engine or CNG, and on the platforms of Sigma this school van is based on.

·         A Tourist Van of Premier Sigma, which is powered by a diesel engine or CNG, and on the platforms of Sigma this tourist van is based on.

Premier Automotive group

The PAG (Premier Automotive Group), was a division of organisation within the FMC (Ford motor company) founded in the year 1999 for overseeing the operations of business of higher end automotive marques of Ford. The PAG was dismantled gradually from the year 2006 to till 2010 with its constituent brands divestiture.

History of Premier Automotive Group

In the year 1999 the PAG (Premier Automotive Group) was founded under the Chief executive officer Jacques Nasser. It cultivated to include accountability for the Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Mercury, and Lincoln brands. By the year 2004, 17 billion USD had been spent by Ford for building on purchases to build up Premier Automotive Group.

Mercury and Lincoln were returned to direct control of Ford in the year 2002. The headquarters of Lincoln had been shifted into North American office of Premier Automotive Group, where it was operated by an executive of Germany who was based from England’s London.

The 4 major marques of Premier Automotive Group are such as Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, and Aston Martin, which were completely essentially different companies of automobile with their very own distinct dealer networks and markets. An attempt was dome from Ford side in order to push these brands for sharing engineering and parts in order decrease costs. This endedwith some vehicles to be too similar to ford’s mass market, notably the X type of Jaguar that was capable of CEC (compact executive car) yet its status suffered mainly due to its Ford Mondeo’s shared platform. While Volvo was the most successful luxury brands entry level vehicle in the United States of America with the S70 ad Volvo 940/740 when it was self-governing, it lost its share of market to the luxury marques of German like Mercedes Benz and BMW. By offering entry level extensive vehicles who had expanded in the market.

On the month of September in the year 2006 alanmulally became the Chief Executive officer and president of Ford, Premier Automotive Groupinitiated to be dismantled. Ford Sold Aston Martin’s 85 % to an investors consortium in the year 2007 controlled by David Richards. The rover brand in the year 2006 on the month of September was secured by Ford from BMW to protect the brand Land Rover. On the month of March in the year 2008, ford sold Land Rover and Jaguar to India’s Tata Motors. Volvo cars was sold by Ford in the year 2010, the last Premier Automotive Group product, to the Chinese carmaker Geely’s parent for about 1.8 billion USD.

Management of Premier Automotive Group

Between 1999 and 2002, the management of Premier Automotive Group was headed by Wolfgang Reitzle.

Between 2002 and 2005, the management of Premier Automotive Group was headed by Mark Fields.

Between 2005 and 2008, the management of Premier Automotive Group was headed by Lewis Booth.


The headquarters of Premier Automotive Group has been located in United Kingdom’s London. The North American headquarters of Premier Automotive Group was situated in Irvine, in California.

The office of Premier Automotive Group in the United States of America was completed in the year 2001 at a price of 68 million USD. It was the 1st structure of Ford and the 1st structure in Orange County for qualifying to the leadership in environmental and energy design classification from the green building council of United States. When the headquarters was opened first, some floors were specifically devoted to one of brands of Premier Automotive Group. The complex also comprised of a separate ninety thousand sqft product development centre. In the 2008s late, a deal was declared to lease the earlier headquarters building of Premier Automotive Group in Irvine to the newly leased restaurant chain Taco Bell.


Aston martin

The model Aston Martin was Premier Automotive Group’s member until it was traded into ownership of private on the 12th of March in the year 2007 for 479 million Pounds. On the other hand, Ford retained Aston Martin’s 77 million USD stake, Worthingthe company at 925 million USD. 


Luxury car division of Ford, Lincoln, was Premier Automotive Group’s part in the 1990s late, but came out of it in the year 2002 as part of marketing strategy of Ford to separate its most important trademarks from its domestic ones. At the time of development of Premier Automotive Group, line up of Lincoln received a full overhaul, instigating with the redesign of 1998’s Lincoln Town Car. An SUV version Lincoln Navigator was introduced in the same year and Lincoln LS in the year 2000 that shared its platforms and engine with the S-type of Jaguar. All 3 cars were designed in California’s Irvine and were heavily influenced by design themes of Jaguar according to some critics.In both 1998 and 2000 years, Lincoln was the most selling luxury brand car in the United States.

Land rover and jaguar cars

Ford announced on the 18th of September in the year 2006 that the rover trademark’s purchase from BMW. As part of initial acquisition of land rover by Ford in the year 2000, an option was there for Ford to reject the Rover name sale to any company by BMW. BMW intended originally to sell the name of rover to SAIC, but it had waited for ninety days by allowing Ford time to have a discussion over the deal. In the end ford decided to buy the outright of name.

Volvo cars

It was reported that Geely have approached Ford in the 2008’s mid about a possible acquisition of Volvo cars. On the 28th of October in the year 2009, Ford named the Geely was named as the best purchaser of Volvocars. On the 28th of March in the year 2010 Geely acquired Volvo Cars from Ford for about 1.8 billion USD and on the 2nd of August in the year 2010 it closed the deal. 


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