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How many kilometer I can go on full tank of Renault Duster?

By: Atharv on 14 june 2015

4 Answers:

Hello Atharv !!

Renault duster is the most stunning compact SUV with an efficient mileage and available tremendous colours variants and also has good ground clearance and dimensions . It is available in both petrol and diesel alternatives . The petrol has 1.5ltr 105BHP engine and in diesel it is available in 1.6ltr 110BHP engine. It has expected prize of 7 lacs- 10 lacs . It also has grand 70ltr fuel storage capacity and a fair mileage of 19.87km and If it is full tank it is being expected to measure far distance of somewhat of 1390.9km which far distances compared to other SUV "s in its range.

Karuna   2015-06-14

The number of kilometers a car can travel on a full tank depends on a wide range of factors, including the size of the fuel tank, driving pattern of driver, road traffic and the efficiency of the engine. Considering the fact that, this car has a 70 litres of fuel tank. It gives an average mileage of 19.87kmpl. Therefore, if we take into consideration, its fuel tank capacity and its average mileage, then we can safely say that it can travel up to 1390Km (approx) on a full tank.

Ranjan   2015-06-19

Renault Duster currently one of the most desirables models in the SUV segment of stylish cars which are well suited to give tough performance. It has striking features one of which is its fuel capacity of 50 liters due to which it easily supports long journeys of about 1200 to 1300 Kms accompanied with smooth performance and comfort seating. Both the diesel and petrol versions give good performance. It gives a spacious cargo volume of 410 liters as well.

Namit   2015-06-26

The sporty and mascular Duster give you an extraordinary journey on Indian roads. It simplifies your drive and the car has a 70 liter of fuel tank. The Duster SUV’s 85 PS diesel versions offer the fuel efficiency of up to 19.87Kmpl, while the 110 PS versions offer a mileage of around 19.5Kmpl. On the other hand, the petrol version of the SUV delivers the fuel efficiency of up to 13.05Kmpl. In fact the diesel version can move 1386 km or more on full tank of diesel. On the other hand the petrol version can move or more on full tank of petrol. It offers you comfortable drive and handling even in busy roads. Keeping in mind the best the customers get Renault promises an efficient fuel consumption plus an iconic Renault Duster which will drive the road crazy.

lakhan   2015-07-16

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