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Can I run my Renault on 87 octane fuel, as recommended higher octane fuel is not available in my locality?

By: ezati on 2017-10-12

1 Answers:

Running a car on lower octane fuel instead of recommended higher octane fuel doesn’t cause instant damage to a car engine. In case of emergency you can put lower octane fuel but then it is advisable to not to drive the car too hard and go back to recommended higher octane fuel sooner possible. Regularly running low octane fuel in an engine designed for high performance will eventually wear on the engine and degrade longevity. Higher octane rated fuels help in linear, and hence, cleaner burning of the fuel in the combustion chamber leading to lower carbon deposition over the years. If there is no higher octane fuel station available in your location, you can still buy fuel additives which improve the octane rating of the fuels and these are available online as well as at fuel stations.

Srikant    2017-10-12

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