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When I was driving my Duster in 4WD mode some red warning light came on the dashboard, and when I put back my car in 2WD mode it went away, is it normal?

By: tiberiu on 2018-30-01

1 Answers:

Renault Duster comes with many dashboard warning lights and without seeing the symbol I cannot say for sure whether the warning light appeared on your dashboard was urgent or normal.

There are symbols for warning lights in Duster like – Handbrake “on” warning light, Coolant temperature warning light, Oil pressure warning light, Airbag warning light, Battery charge warning light, Anti-lock braking warning light, Low fuel level warning light etc. The red lights usually suggest an urgent warning that requires immediate attention. Orange warning lights indicate a less urgent issue like a service is due etc. While flashing lights will often inform the driver of an urgent problem.

Also when you activate 2-wheel drive mode its indicator light comes up on the instrument panel, so the chances are there that the warning light you had seen was 2-wheel drive mode indicator light.

I advise you to always refer to your owner’s manual to know what each warning light symbol indicates. This will enable you to act accordingly whenever you're not sure what the light indicates.

Omprakash    2018-30-01

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