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Never buy Renault duster

User review on Renault Duster written by ronak patel on 24 December 2018

Year of Manufacture : 2013 | Driven no. of Kms. : 110000

Overall rating: 1
Overall rating: 1
Overall rating: 1
Overall rating: 1
Overall rating: 1
Pros: SUV car
Cons: Mileage, high pressure pump and injectors
I have Renault Duster RXz 110ps with Mileage of 11 to 13km per L Duster has a regular issue of Engine part called High pressure pump which delivers Diesel from Diesel tank to Engine If you buy New duster warranty conditions for this High Pressure pump is for 4 years or 80000 kms whichever exceeded first Whether you exceed this 80000 km in 2 to 3 years you are not eligible for replacement warranty The other condition is that if you have missed a service to Renault service station This High pressure pump becomes inoperative or less operative after 90000 km run It stops delivering diesel to engine and need to get replaced New High Pressure pump company Price is 53000 INR with 6 months warranty or 20000 kms whichever exceeded first Issue with my Duster is I have consumed the 80000 km within 3 years and not eligible for the replacement warranty Pump stops delivering diesel to engine less delivery when I cross 100 km per hour speed and engine light becomes visible in indicator which means engine is stop As I slow down the car below 100 km per hour the pump start delivering proper amount of diesel to engine and the engine stop light disappears from indicator bar So the alternative is whether you replace it with 53000 INR or you can drive below 100 km per hour I did this below 100km per hour thing from august to December and drove the car more than 25000 kms This issue is with every Renault duster car as my friend is having the same problem When you ask about the reason Renault service station or Renault gives an easy excuse about the diesel poor quality They says that you might have pour some poor quality of diesel from any petroleum in past Luckily I am a patrol pump dealer and I know about the best quality served in Gujarat so this excuse in completely unworthy Other cars never have such poor quality issue but only Renault duster did I will never go for Renault cars I have Hyundai Creta and Ford eco sports as well which are far better in mileage and many other ways enault is worthless and highly expensive

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Duster lack of key manufacturing defect spare might hold your car in service station for days/week.

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So when you buy Renault cars please be prepared to go through the grill - I understand in the service...

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