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User review on Renault Duster written by Balaji on 22 May 2016

Year of Manufacture : 2015 | Driven no. of Kms. : 8000

  • Overall
    Overall rating: 4.75
  • Exterior
    Overall rating: 5
  • Suspension
    Overall rating: 5
  • Comfort
    Overall rating: 5
  • Safety
    Overall rating: 4
  • Pros: Me and my family finally decided to buy a car that has a enough space to accommodate my family members since my fath. and elder bro. are quite taller. I had no choise of buying a duster until I made the first test drive of AWD version of Duster that my bro booked on a test drive, it was a government quaters road where I should not exceed the speed of 40 km as soon as I started driving it I felt like *is the car moving on a butter* and unbelievabily the drive is simply superb I wolud definitly give 10 out of 10 and I haven't noticed that the car is going at the speed around 75 km/hr at the end of the day it was like OMG!!! This guy is incredible. The next day I went to the show room near Mount road (Chennai) and booked a 85 PS Diesel option with navigation system the top end model, I had little confusion to go with red or brown my sales executive showed me the Brown duster with its new 2015 features comparing with the old one i found many difference in it, namely 1. The new speedometer looks awesome 2. There is no vibration in the new one when the engine is in ideal, (but I found an irritating vibration on the old one)
  • Cons: I've found few disadvantages on my Duster like 1. When there is heavy rain outside the wipers doesn't run to the maximum speed, 2. It doesn't have too many assesories holders 3. I could hear a wind noise above 140km/hr 4. Turbo lag below 1800rpm but this isn't a serious issue 5. Sometime I get jerk when releasing the clutch 6. The navigation system dosen't face us its designed vertically 7. Height adjustable seats are not provided to 85ps even though its an top end but ive seen it in 110ps. And after all there is no complaints regarding the handling and drivability of Duster. Its an real and best compact SUV that wins all of its competitors in its segment blindly
The best in Duster is its suspension, if you sit at the rear seats you feel more comfortable even though its an bad roads.3. The paint job is done extremely good comparing to the old one i found more shiny with the new one 4. The clutch pedal is so soft to handle comparing to the old one, 5. The interior plastics are far better than the old one. These were some of the difference that I noticed on 2015 model, and I was promised that i would get the car delivered in one week, as they said I took my car delivery on 09/11/2015, from the day one I enjoyed driving it around the city, after 3 months of time my family decided to go for long trip to Kanyakumari from my home town Chennai where I found the real power of my duster on the highway I found a Hyundai creta taking on me around 110 km/hr I was at 90 km/hr then I decided *lets try to over take that beautiful boy* and more surprisingly i over taked him on 140 km/hr I felt this would be the maximum power of my car and again the Creta gave me the horn blow behind me, I don't wanted to give up myself so I started giving little more effort to my accelerator I crossed over 150 then 160 that gave me a smile on my face I don't find any vibration on my car and I'm still on 160 km/hr I looked at the interior mirror I found the creta was lost to my sight and i was continuously driving for 150 km/hr then I had enough confidence to take on the cars and more happily every time when I over take any car on the highway there is an serious boost on my Duster around 2000 rpm to 3500 rpm, I hope everyone who owns the Duster feels it. we had a Swift diesel 2009 model earlier I don't drive above 110 km/hr since I don't find any safely in it I always had a fear every time I drive above 110 km/hr now with my Duster im capable of hitting up to 160 km/hr with no fear and finally I was really satisfied with my Duster and Its real worth for 14 lakhs (sine I own the 85 ps top end model) now I've completed 8000 kms with my first service on 5000 kms i don't have any issues, every time I enter into my car for a new drive there's definitely an enjoyment of driving a Duster ahead *-*

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