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What is the power of Renault Fluence?

By: Hardeep on 6 march 2014

5 Answers:

It has 1.5 L diesel engine delivering power of 110PS, Torque of 240Nm. If you are looking for a luxury vehicle with combination of performance and comfort, luxury features,  it is one of the best available. Engine is very smooth in operation yet powerful in performance. It well designed to perform smooth functioning as city commuter and performance equally good and even better in highway road conditions.


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Sonal Gupta    2014-03-06

It’s been a year now since my Renault Fluence purchase but still I am wondering why the price of the Renault Fluence is that much. I have tried everything still it’s a mystery. It has a very simple and common engine neither the engine is powered aggressively. It has an engine of 1.5 L only which is capable to churn out a power of 110 PS power @ 4000 Rpm and almost 240 Nm torque, this is one reason what looks behind the pricey car.

Rihant   2015-05-20

NO I am not agreeing with you at all on the same. The Fluence is just priced at 14-16 Lacs of rupees and in the same price Renault is offering a lot. Let’s start from the engine, an efficient and exceptional engine with a peak power of 110 PS and peak torque of 240 Nm. The engine is capable to reach at a speed of 100 KMPH just in 13 seconds.

Emmi   2015-05-22

Here my thoughts are matching, the Fluence is having an engine of 1.5 L with a displacement capacity of 1461 cc which could produce 110 PS power and 240 Nm torque @ 4000 RPM, which is an efficient and powerful as well as very responsive engine. The mileage is also very good with this diesel engine. Fluence can deliver a mileage of 17 KMPL in the city and almost around 20 KMPL over the highways.

Amol   2015-05-24

True, The Renault Fluence has got a very good engine with a responsive powerful engine. I am not agree with the statement which is talking about the underpowered engine, but for him just one word, if you are riding the car from last one year then how come you didn’t realized the power at least. The engine can reach 100 KMPH in 13 seconds isn’t it good, it has 110 PS power and 240 Nm torque, isn’t it good?

Aradhayan   2015-05-26

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