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By: Raghuvendra on 27 november 2014

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The Renault's 2014 Fluence is amazing. This car is great in terms of style space and comfort. The facelift version launched by renault this year is even more mesmerizing. Keeping in mind success rate of diesel version of Renault Duster Renault India decided to discontinue the petrol avtar. This version is good in terms of performance and is comfortable for those riders who don't get annoyed with some amount of turbo lag. Rest the engine is powerful enough to set you moving all the time, and the diesel motor does not beg for power even at high revs. The latest Renault Duster comes with few upgradations in looks, like the front have a premium chrome touch whereas the head lamps remains unchanged, however Renault manages to offer projector lamps in those existing lamps. The rear is totally the same except for few chrome detailing. The side profile is also same except the new alloy wheels, which are al lot more better then those existing ugly rims. In a nutshell Renault Fluence is a nice car to own, simply the true value for money.

All About Renault Fluence

Sonal Gupta   2014-11-27

Renault Fluence belongs to next level of enter level sedans as this car is blessed with powerful engine which is absent on enter level sedans. Renault Fluence is simply spacious in cabin space and boot space which results in comfortable sitting and efficient luggage carrying especially for long road trips. The front dashboard looks like master piece when you stare on it as all curves and lines just simply look wow where leather upholstery completes the looks. Overall you will just simply love to drive Renault Fluence.

Ranit   2015-03-07

I own a Renault Fluence Diesel E 4 in red colour and it looks classy and elegant at the same time. It has four cylinders and a diesel capacity of 1.5 liter. It also offers a direct injection system. The replacement capacity is of 1416cc. The car has the ability to produce maximum power of 108 BHP approximately at 4000 RPM and a toque power of 240 NM at 1850 RPM.

Prince   2015-06-23

Renault Fluence always gives a relaxed and amazing interiors and this car is no different. I am a proud owner of Renault Fluence Diesel E2. It has an amazingly crafted radiator grille with a great design chrome strip with the logo of the company attached to the center. There are halogen headlamps as well as a turn indicator which makes the car look sturdy. The taillight cluster also makes the car more elegant.

Suprateek   2015-06-25

Diesel E 4 has technology which is updated in the recent times. The car is safe and secure having solid disc brakes and ventilated disc brakes. The braking mechanism is perfect with anti lock braking system, it also has an electronic brake system. The brake assist system and the anti slip function makes the engine durable and reliable. SRS airbags and brake assist function are also great features that the car offers.

Omi   2015-06-27

Renault Fluence Diesel E 4 is recently purchased by me and I loved the performance of the engine and the mileage of the car. The car offers six gear manual transmission gearbox. The torque power is amazing. The wheels are perfectly fitted into the arches making the car look sportier. Diesel E 4 has a mileage of 20.4 KMPL which is great in India. The top speed is of 190 KMPH.

Mehul   2015-06-28

This is the most amazing sedan I’ve driven in a long time. I own a Renault Fluence Diesel E2 and the driving experience has been very relaxed and surreal. The performance is top class compared to other cars of the same price. Engine has proved to be monstrous. The anti-slip regulation system strengthens the handling features of the car. the suspension and the transmission of the car is smooth even on rough roads!

Nahar   2015-06-30

The Renault Fluence is one of the best sedans from Renault which is the efficient French car manufacturer having a strong market now in India. It has strong built engine which gives a power packed performance with six speed manual transmissions giving good speed and the mileage is decent. It has premium quality interiors with leather comfort seating for 5 members with a boot space which is ample with 67 liters of fuel capacity.

Usmaan   2015-07-02

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