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Would changing filter effect the fuel economy of Renault Fluence?

By: Naman on 24 june 2015

3 Answers:

Hello Naman !!

Yes Changing the air filter of the car improves the fuel efficiency of the car much. And there are many more benefits of changing the air filter of the car. You can increase up to 14% of the mileage by changing the air filter. And also it reduces the emissions, Emissions have greatly impacted the environment for decades now and it’s only getting worse. The good news is, you can help do your part to reduce emissions by changing your air filter regularly. It also prolongs the engine life. Everyone wants their car to last forever, but it’s never going to happen. It is true that some cars last longer than others though, and if you take the right steps to keeping your car in good condition, you could be one of those people

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Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-24

Changing the air filter does impact the fuel economy of your Renault Fluence or for that matter any car in a positive way. It effectively reduces excessive pollutants generated during combustion and invigorates the engine. It is especially crucial in reducing air pollution, which has become such a menace now-a-days. So, not only you do your bit for the environment but also prolong the life of the engine.

Aradhay   2015-06-30

An air filter is the mechanism through which pollutants are reduced and emissions of your car are made less lethal. It is a sure shot way to contribute positively to the environment – a crucial duty that should be at the forefront of all our activities. The efficiency of the engine increases due to the presence of an air filter and consequently, results in an increase in the mileage too.

Mehar   2015-07-01

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