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Will the glass get replaced of the Renault Fluence digital meter?

By: mohan on 10 july 2015

3 Answers:

It may not be possible to change the glass completely. The instrument cluter may require replacement in case the glass gets broken. I would suggest you to contact the service provider and help you with the repair and suggest if there is an alternative.

Anuraj   2015-07-18

No, only the glass of digital meter or any thing in the instrument cluster can not be replaced in Renault Fluence. The service center guys will ask you the change the digital meter completely. Though, if you want you can contact any external car accessories provider who can suggest you any alternative or cheaper way to get it fixed.

Pradeep   2015-08-14

Not only in Renault Fluence, in all the other cars you will face the same issue. All the leading car makers ask to replace that damaged part completely instead of providing and cheaper option or repairing that part. Sometimes times all the parts of the vehicle is not built by the car maker and they bring such parts from any external providers and assemble that in their manufacturing part so they can not repair that part in their service center.

Divyesh   2015-08-15

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