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How many kilometers I can go on full tank of Renault Koleos?

By: Tushar on 3 june 2015

4 Answers:

Hello Tushar !!

The Renault Koleos has a fuel tank capacity of around 71 litres and it is capable of give a fuel efficiency of around 15 kmpl in the city traffic conditions and around 19 kmpl on the highways, so it can run upto 1065 kms on a single full tank capacity in the city roads and around 1349 kms on the highways with full tank. The mileage not only depends upon the car, but also the driving style of the person, over accelerating or over speeding would affect the fuel efficiency a lot, always try driving at an economical speed that is around 55- 65 kmph, it would give you the best possible mileage. Also keep your car well maintained, a well maintained car would give you better mileage.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-03

The amount of fuel a vehicle can guzzle depends upon a lot of factors. These include your driving habits, condition of the engine, tyre pressure, road condition and traffic on the road. The Renault Koleos is provided with a huge 71 litres of fuel tank. The mileage provided by this car on the city roads is an average 15 Kmpl and 19 Kmpl on the highways. Therefore, you can travel up to 1065 kms in full fuel tank in city streets and around 1349 kms on the highways.

Kripal   2015-06-13

There is no obvious response to this inquiry. The measure of fuel a vehicle can use relies on a number of variables. These incorporate the driving method of the driver, how well the engine is maintained, tire pressure, street condition and traffic movement. The Renault Koleos is given 71 liters of fuel tank. The mileage gave by this auto on the city streets is a normal 15 Kmpl and 20 Kmpl on the expressways. In this way, you can go up to 1065 kms in full fuel tank in city roads and around 1420 kms on the expressways.

Vikas   2015-06-24

This big crossover is equipped with a big 71 litres of fuel tank. The engine of this car is very efficient and gives an average mileage of 15 Kmpl in the city traffic and around 20 Kmpl on the wide highways. Therefore, if you make the calculations, you will find that this car can drive up to 1065Km on the city streets on a full tank and 11420Km on the wider highways where the traffic is lighter.

Vedansh   2015-06-26

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