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How is the air conditioning system of Renault Koleos?

By: Mannu on 5 june 2015

11 Answers:

Hello Mannu !!

The Renault Koleos has a very good Air conditioning, it also has rear A/C vents, moreover it cools the car, within seconds after starting it on. Excellent A/C is there in this car. In a country like India, more specifically in states like, say Delhi, people are tend to spend their time more in traffics than in normal driving so surviving this, a good AC is a must thing and Renault Koleos full fills that situation. 

Karuna   2015-06-05

The Renault Koleos has incorporated with an air conditioning unit, which additionally has a dual zone function to it. Its AC vents are well placed all over the cabin including the rear side too. Which has classy looks and the atmosphere is really chilled out inside the vehicle. Additionally it cools the car, within seconds after starting it on. This car gives great mileage with the air condition on. Overall it has impressive performance.

asmaan   2015-06-11

I am agreeing with the above statement, Renault Koleos features 6-way adjustable seats, an automatic air conditioning system, which enables the double zone cooling, the vehicle has rear air condition vents which circulate the cold air perfectly to all over the cabin so that the temperature of the car is equally distributed everywhere, including the rear area also. The Air condition takes very less time after starting the car to make it cool. The AC is really a pleasure to drive even in summer season.

jeetu   2015-07-26

Yes, The Renault Koleos offer with the chilling air condition units, and it has twins zone function. All the Ac vents are perfectly well placed inside the vehicle, which equally make the cool atmosphere inside the cabin and you will feel good while driving. This vehicle gives decent mileage with the AC. The rear AC vents are really an innovation and keeps the car cool all the time. You will be able to beat the enormous heat outside even if it is 50 degree celcius outside.

Astitav   2015-06-17

I am agreeing with the above answer, the Renault Koleos is a very comfortable car to drive, with the powerful air conditioning system it has, it makes it soothing and cool all the time. The car is equipped with the Automatic climate control which saves power when the environment inside is pleasant enough to drive. One can override the settings if required to get a customized experience of the car’s Air conditioning system.

Sajna   2015-07-30

The Renault Koleos features a very good air conditioning system which is capable to make the SUV cool in few minutes. The car has been equipped with the rear AC vents for the optimal cooling inside the cabin. The Koleos is a premium segment SUV and has been equipped with a hybrid Air-conditioning system with the climate control. So no matter what is the temperature outside, the vehicle is capable to keep itself cool and calm.

Rupan   2015-08-01

I am agreeing with the above statement completely. Automatic climate control is a feature that is more expensive than the cold air blowing normal Air-conditions, The climate control is a smart air condition which mixes cold and warm air to give you a temperature that has been set by the driver inside the car. SO it doesn’t matter if the temperature is 40 plus or – 10, the Koleos is capable to keep itself cool all the time.

Siddharth   2015-08-03

I am also agreeing with the statement and especially with the person who have shown the features of Automatic climate control. The automatic climate control is the feature what keep the car cool all the time, you just set the desired temperature and AC will do everything to keep the car maintained with that temperature. Koleos AC is very efficient and you will feel the comfort with the very nice air conditioning system installed in Koleos.

Amber   2015-08-04

All the models of Koleos naming 2.0 4X2 MT, 2.0 4X4 MT, and 2.0 4X2 AT are equipped with the rer AC vents with an air conditioning system which is having Automatic climate control. It’s a common problem in vehicles where there is no rear AC vents; I have been through Mahindra Bolero and I really felt bad sitting on the rear seat as there was no effect of the AC at all. So rear AC vents should be there in every big Vehicle or any SUV. I love my Koleos with Climate control.

Sangram   2015-08-06

Yes In fact there are lot of SUV’s in the market that have compromised on Rear AC vents. Due to the requirement of keeping the price under control, manufacturers do that. But if you are making longs SUV’s then you must have to provide Rear AC vents so that everybody indie the car even the person sitting at the back seat will be having Access to the Air-condition’s cool air. Koleos is having a dual zone automatic climate control with rear AC vents.

Kavya   2015-08-07

This is one of the most popular brands in the Indian market. This car has an extraordinary quality and is extremely well designed. It is well equipped with new techs so it also became a lovable car to all. Among the modern techs there is also air conditioner which really works great and makes the car cool within a few minutes. Basically in hot climates that are prevalent in this country, the air conditioning provides a very efficient service and anyone can grasp the quality of this car’s air-conditioning. More specifically this car is well balanced both from inside and outside.

Mehul   2015-08-14

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