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Why Renault Koleos not seeing much on Indian roads?

By: Garv on 7 june 2015

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Hello Garv !!

This car was is a bit overpriced, as per its specifications and features, moreover other cars and SUV’s were having more features in the market, so people did not want to go with a new model. And also the Indian customers don't experiment with less famous cars, they simply follow the rule of go with the flow. Overall it is a pretty good car, but failed to capture the SUV range in Indian market. 


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-07

It is difficult to pinpoint one reason behind its lack of success in the Indian market. There are several reasons; one of them could be the brand consciousness. Indian customers try to buy only those brands with which they are familiar. They are not very adventurous when they are making such a huge investment. The second reason could be its price, which is high compared to its competitors like TATA, and Mahindra made SUVs. We believe with the passage of time more and the Indian customers would accept more Renault models.

Raghuvender   2015-06-20

People in India are not very much keen on experimenting with their choices, for most of them buying a car is a one-time investment. People usually want the best in the available budget and this is one of the reasons why Renault Koleos isn’t seen much because of being a bit overprices, so in spite of being a good car it quite couldn’t get a hold in the Indian market.

Himank   2015-06-25

Yes I also feel people in India don’t go for new things very easily, also the price is a big factor , other cars in this segment offer more  in a less price. Although it has got looks and style but it’s the performance, reliability and fuel efficiency that counts the most in India. So, it still hasn’t caught eyes in India yet, but it might catch up in future.

Yogesh   2015-06-27

The main reason why it has failed to capture the Indian market according to me is the dominance of other manufacturers in this segment. The people here are obsessed by Mahindra, Toyota and Tata as they offer way more in a fair bit price.  Also with ford and Hyundai catching up it has proved a bit difficult for Renault to find a place in the Indian market for this segment.

Praful   2015-06-28

As far as finding a place in Indian market is concerned it will take time for Renault Koleos to catch up. With Mahindra Scorpio and Toyota-Fortuner being the favorite in India they are obviously the first choice here. It is pretty much go with the flow thing in India, so for an SUV to make a market here it has to be very good also price efficient and fuel efficient.

Dhanush   2015-06-30

Renault Koleos is a premium car with a lot of luxury features to offer to its customers. This luxury SUV is available in three variants in Indian market. No doubt it is a beautiful car, but still it is not much seen on Indian roads. The problem is not with the car or any of its elements but with the customers going in for only mainstream models and not experimenting with change in technology.

Dheeraj   2015-07-01

Renault Koleos is a luxury SUV available in India in three different variants. The color options are also very genuine and elegant. The looks, interiors and exteriors and safety features are high end and according to the new technology. No compromises are done on its quality but still not many of these cars are on Indian roads. Maybe it is because of the price as many other options available.

Prachi   2015-07-02

Renault is a well known car brand in the Indian market. People and car enthusiasts swear by its innovative design and quality. Koleos is a luxury SUV offered by Renault. It is available in three variants with Renault Koleos 4x2 MT being the entry level variant. It is a worth buying car in the offered price range and according to me no other car is available in the market with such amazing features in this range.

Yash   2015-07-03

When it comes to automobiles generally Indians do not experiment much. They stick to what is already there from years together. They don’t want to go wrong because of the investment involved in luxury cars Still in India; people take suggestion from friends and family members before buying a car rather than from web portals, internet, blogs etc wherein current customers share their experience. This is why this car is not seen much on Indian roads.

Ishan   2015-07-04

The price of the car is not competitive when compared to the features it offers. Other SUVs available in the market at this price offer much more features and are more technologically amplified. The Indian customers are very choosy and less experimenting while buying something big like a car. Moreover, Indian customers usually do not keep pace with the modern technology which makes some innovative cars like this one less popular.

shivam   2015-07-06

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