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What is the exchange offer available on Kwid?

By: Binoy Singh on 29 december 2015

6 Answers:

The Kwid does not have any exchange offer available on it, the car is selling like hot cakes already and there's several months of waiting period. 

Saurabh   2015-12-29

There is currently no scheme available for any kind of exchange of this car. I too wanted an exchange of tis car and still haven’t found an offer. I really wish they released an exchange offer on this car as my old car is almost scrap and I cannot sell it.

Naveen   2016-01-03

I totally love this car but I am lacking on the finance part a bit I too hope just like you that I get some kind of exchange scheme on this car but no I am not getting so I am planning to sell my old car second hand now.

Khushal   2016-01-04

This car is so awesome I just wish I had that kind of money to buy the car. I am not saying the car is costly but still it is a tad beyond my pocket range however I have an old 2 wheeler which I want to exchange right now.

Mukesh   2016-01-06

I really wish they launch an exchange on the car as my old car is still fully functional it is just beat from so much driving. I know that my car can still perform I just wish that I can explain it to the Renault people when they launch exchange scheme.

Ved   2016-01-07

The car is so sexy my old car i10 looks crap in front of it. I even posted a pic on olx to sell it but no buyers came my only hope is to exchange it for the new car with the company but I don’t know when will such scheme come.

Shakshi   2016-01-09

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