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What is the functioning of an air conditioner and how does the air conditioner of Renault Kwid work?

By: niranjan singh on 20 january 2016

1 Answers:

The air conditioner recycles the air inside the car while being able to maintain a desired temperature in the cabin. It also helps keep the air inside clean as well. These days mostly all cars come with AC as a standard barring base models of a few lower costing cars. In case of Kwid, the base variant STD comes without the option of an air conditioner while all other models are equipped with it.
In Renault Kwid, press the AC button, rotate the blower control placed on the right side of the AC button and set to a required speed. Next, rotate the temperature setting marked with half red and half blue to the desired temperature with extreme red corner being the hottest and gradually changing to extreme blue corner being the coolest. To the right, you will notice other features to direct which vents the air comes from. For further details you may also refer to the Renault KWID user manual.
As for maintenance, Renault KWID air conditioner must be inspected from time to time and especially before the summers start. Periodic top up of air conditioning gas needs to be ensured. I’m also of an opinion that it is better to switch the AC on a few times even during winters just for a bit, to prevent any damages.


Kartik   2016-01-20

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