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When will I get the delivery for a Renault Kwid booked on 25th December, 2015 through a dealer in Solapur?

By: Shatish on 28 february 2016

1 Answers:

Renault Kwid had an average booking period of approximately three months at the time of its launch. The car has received a very high number of bookings ever since then which has increased the waiting period of the car. In addition to this, the manufacturing plant in Chennai faced a lot of lags due to the floods in the city. However, Renault has got a hold on things and has recently increased its production. This has led to bringing down the waiting period on an average across the country. In major cities the waiting period which had escalated to almost ten months is now down to four to six months. The period varies a little from city to city and also on the specific model that you have booked. To know the exact details about the delivery of your car, I would advise you to contact the dealer through whom you have booked your car. 

Tanush   2016-02-29

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