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I am being told by the dealer that we would need to pay whatever the price of Renault Kwid is at the time of delivery, also, he is enforcing other charges a well. Please tell me what the correct price for the car is and what are the necessary extra charges that I would be required to pay for my Renault Kwid?

By: Pawan on 21 march 2016

1 Answers:

The price of Renault Kwid depends on the state that you are in. You can easily check the price in your state on the Renault website itself or even calculate it on Autoportal as well. Apart from the cost of the car, the other charges that you require to spend include the registration, road tax and service charge. You should know that the charges taken by a dealer for tax and service charge will be higher because of the agent fee that is added in between. If you can, negotiate well and the dealer will be able to give you the best deal. Then another charge that is levied is the insurance. Here again, note that you can get the auto insurance done yourself as well and it isn’t required that you take up the insurance that the dealer is offering. Take your pick after your background study and research. Be an aware buyer and always understand the reason behind the costs that you are paying. 

Yogesh   2016-03-22

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