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What is the size of tyres fitted in Renault Kwid? Can one change these for bigger size tyres?

By: Kunal Basak on 24 july 2016

1 Answers:

The Tyre size recommended by Renault for Kwid is 155 / 80 R 13. In this the 155 means the section width of the tyre, 80 is the height of the sidewall of the tyre while 13 is the diameter of the inner rim of the tyre. One can always get a higher tyre size fitted on their vehicle but it is not recommended to do so in most cases.
Firstly, the ground clearance of Renault kwid is already at 180mm which is much higher than most of the sedans or even hatchbacks so one does not need to increase the tyre size due to this reason. Secondly, the company always tests these figures to find what will give an optimum performance. Thirdly, if one increases the tyre size a lot then it will reduce the gap between the tyre and the body, and whenever the car will go through potholes then the chances of contact between the body and tyre will increase. Hence it is not recommended at all that one changes the company fitted tyre, though you can do it from the outside market or the dealer itself.

Rihana khan   2016-07-24

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