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Can I upsize the engine of my Renault Kwid from 800cc to 1000cc?

By: Shyam on 25 november 2016

1 Answers:

Yes, engine upsize can be done but there are various things need to be considered before the work begins. The amount of work required for upsizing an engine varies by its dimensions, power-output etc.

• For upsizing the engine you might have to change the transmission or buy an adapter if one is available.

• Transmission tunnel space must be taken care of, if upsizing to a larger transmission that is different than the stock transmission. Length of the larger transmission may also be longer.

• Wiring is another issue as upsized engine needs different wiring.

• When upsizing an engine space is a big concern. From behind the cooling system to the firewall. Between the wheel wells and underneath the hood. Those dimensions need to be taken into account first.

• Upsized engine tends to be heavier than the existing one hence affects the amount of weight on the axles. This, therefore, ends up greatly affecting the car’s existing brakes and may lead to premature wear and tear of the suspension units.

I advise you to visit your local Renault service center for further advice and guidance.

vinay   2016-11-25

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