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Is it possible to change a tyre rim?

By: Nosipho on 20 may 2017

1 Answers:

Yes it is possible to change a tyre rim, for that you would need to lift the wheel off the ground by placing a jack under the car near the tyre and force the arm of the jack up and down until the tyre is lifted off the ground. Then remove the lug nuts from the rim with a lug wrench and then pull the tyre and rim off the hub. Then you would need to deflate the tyre by pushing the pressure needle down to the valve system. Then you would need to wedge a flat-head screwdriver in different spots between the tyre and rim to break the seal between them. You may need to slip the lever in several spots around the circumference between the rim and the tyre to fully separate the two. After pulling the old rim from the tyre, place the deflated tyre around the new rim. Fill the tyre with enough air to secure the rim within the tyre circumference. There should be no gap between the inner tyre and rim.

Arjun   2017-05-20

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