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Is there an automatic transmission model in this?

By: Benny on 2015-10-04

11 Answers:

Hello Benny !!

Renault Lodgy does not have automatic tranmission version. Only manual transmission version is launched. There is no confirmation from Renault regarding launch of AT version. Recommnded to take a test drive of Lodgy. It has lots of fantastic features, impressive exteriors and comfortable interiors. It would be a worthy selection as a new and latest UV.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal    2015-13-04

There is no automatic transmission model available with Renault Lodgy. All of its models are powered by the diesel engine and comes equipped with the five speed manual transmission gearbox. Also, there is no official news from the Renault about the launch of Renault Lodgy Automatic in near future. So, if you are looking for an automatic car it would be better to consider any other model instead of waiting for its automatic model.

Rishanh    2015-06-08

Unfortunately, there is no car in the Indian auto market in this segment which has any automatic transmission model. Though, if you can consider any small sports utility vehicle then Ford Ecosport would be a good option for you. Its top end model comes with automatic transmission gearbox but it is a petrol car.

Pankaj    2015-07-08

Mahindra Scorpio can also be a good option for you if you can increase your budget. Its passenger cabin is very spacious and comfortable. Its engine is more powerful than Renault Lodgy and Ford Ecosport and it’s a diesel vehicle. Though, the price of the vehicle is slightly on higher side and its onroad price is near by 14 lakhs.

Saumya    2015-08-08

Renault Lodgy does not have an automatic transmission available in the market currently. All are manual transmission model. But the features available in the manual version are not less than the automatic version. At least you can give it a try and then decide whether to go for it or not. It’s natural when we are spending that amount of money to buy a car, we will anticipate everything from the vehicle.

Viren    2015-20-08

If I say, this Renault Lodgy car is a perfect combination of magnificence and performance and I don’t think anyone would contradict this fact. I have the same opinion with all the people who believe that it is a beautiful vehicle that deliver excellent performance with great mileage. The automatic transmission is not available in the car. But the manual transmission is also very handy. Give it a try and then decide.

Sarabjeet    2015-22-08

There is not automatic transmission version of Renault Lodgy. There is the option of manual transmission only. There is no info from Renault about the launch of the AT version of the car. The car has lots of space and other fantastic features.

Rajen    2015-24-09

The Renault Lodgy cars have the diesel engine and have 5 speed transmission gear box. They are manual transmission cars and there are no automatic transmission version from Renault yet. Though there is no official news on the launch of the AT vehicles in Lodgy, there are lots of speculations on the same.

Kanishk    2015-26-09

Automatic transmission vehicles are available in the Indian market these days, but in this segment, there are none available in the Indian market. All the Renault Lodgy cars are diesel engine cars, and they have manual transmission engines only.

Heten    2015-28-09

Renault Lodgy cars have lots of features and they have enough reasons to be considered as a best choice. But if you are looking for the cars that have automatic transmission, then Renault Lodgy is not for you, for there are only manual transmission vehicles.

Roshan    2015-30-09

This is a perfect combo of comfort and performance. This is a beautiful vehicle that has great mileage, and if you are looking for the car that would let you drive in automatic transmission, then you will not find this in Renault Lodgy.

Divyansh    2015-02-10

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