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Will the Lodgy with 85bhp engine has good accleration and pickup?

By: Prabhakaran on 2015-12-08

6 Answers:

What may be reasonably good for me, may be downright inadequate for you. The Lodgy has a monocoque construction (which is comparatively lighter than body on frame). Power of 85bhp of should be sufficient to pull the car and offer decent performance. However, don't expect it to be a performer. I would suggest you to test drive the cars that you are considering to buy, it will give you a fair impression and help you make a right choice.

Himesh    2015-12-08

The lodgy is a big ca and unless you go for the 110PS version of the car the car will give a certain amount of lag while pick up due its sheer weight and cabin pressures. However overall the car is a good bargain as you want to race it.

Karan Maggu    2015-14-08

This is a family car, or rather a joint family car designed for carrying a lot of people at the same time, hence it is not designed for a pick up or acceleration speed. Rather its powerful engine slow but can pull a lot of weight with it hence it is good.

Pratham Sharma    2015-15-08

The Renault lodgy is well capable of dragging a truck out of a pit. It is powerful no doubt but not in the case of speed. You can look at the torque figures of the car which are very good and hence the job of the car is easy to gain weighty passengers.

Hitesh Verma    2015-17-08

This car has no performance aspects whatsoever and thus speed and acceleration can be totally forgotten in this case. On the other hand the car can pick up a lot of weight on its back and hence good for a family travel with lots and lots of luggage with them.

Salman Kaushik    2015-18-08

The lodgy has an average pickup as it shares a same platform as the duster and scala. But the weight of the car being massive than duster or scala the pickup is vastly affected and slow. However the car in itself is very good and I would go for it

Arshiya Duseja    2015-19-08

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