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Renault Lodgy Reviews

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107 Renault Lodgy User Reviews


Overall rating: 5.00 Reviewed By: rakesh kakar on 19 june 2017
it is good ang good milage  Read More »

Awsome in segment but back look kills

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Amol Keshavrao Tayde on 12 june 2017
Fully satisfied but back side look spoils the exterior.  Read More »

Great car

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Jai on 9 june 2017
My experience with Lodgy has been really great and I really thrilled with my purchase. The car and the dealership are really good and since the car is low on maintenance and I enjoy driving it a lot since it is very comfortable to drive. I decided to buy it after I took a test drive of the car an...  Read More »

Ideal family car

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Aamir on 9 june 2017
Renault Lodgy is my dream car as it fits my family comfortably. I am so satisfied with its performance and I hope it will continue to be a part of my family for a long time. The best thing that I like about this car is its engine. It is really strong and responsive and I enjoy driving it a lot.  Read More »

World Edition Lodgy

Overall rating: 4.25 Reviewed By: Manjeet on 9 june 2017
The reason I bought Lodgy was that after my test drive of other vehicles in the MPV segment I came to realize that Lodgy was great choice and fit my budget perfectly. It wasnt disappointing on any front and that is the reason why I went ahead and bought a beautiful grey Lodgy World Edition.  Read More »

Long haul partner

Overall rating: 4.75 Reviewed By: Akashdeep on 9 june 2017
Renault Lodgy is the best car in the market and it is the type of MPV which is high on space, low on maintenance and very comfortable to drive. Buy this car if you are looking for a long haul partner as Lodgy is really a great car with a great design and sturdy exterior.  Read More »

Best in the class

Overall rating: 4.75 Reviewed By: Manoj on 9 june 2017
I am in love with Lodgy as it is my first car and I have already crossed the 5000 mark with it. It is a great car. I will recommend this car to anyone who wants a comfortable family car which is low on maintenance. Very happy with my purchase.  Read More »

Amazing experience with Lodgy

Overall rating: 4.75 Reviewed By: Ajaydeep on 9 june 2017
Lodgy is the best car to buy if you are looking for a big family car. It has a great engine and does not disappoint on highways. It is the type of MPV which will never be noisy since the cabin is well insulated and even if it is such a big car, it is easy to drive and the steering is light and re...  Read More »

Highly recommended MPV

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Nayan on 9 june 2017
So glad to write about my experience with lodgy. It is the MPV that has optimum features, space, looks and interiors and comes off as the comfortable car that doesnt tire you even after driving for hours. The engine is really good and fuel efficient, I have got 18 average with lodgy and I am real...  Read More »

Great MPV

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Darshan on 9 june 2017
Lodgy has a great engine is high on space so there is no issue when you are taking your whole family out. I bought this car because I was looking for a spacious family car and I found it be the best in the class.  Read More »
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