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What are the variants of Renault Pulse?

By: Anu on 2 may 2015

6 Answers:

 Renault Pulse in a total of 7 variants - 3 of petrol and 4 of diesel variants. They are:
1-Renault Pulse RxE = Petrol
2-Renault Pulse RxL = Petrol
3-Renault Pulse RxZ = Petrol
4-Renault Pulse RxE = Diesel
5-Renault Pulse RxL Airbags=Diesel
6-Renault Pulse RxL = Diesel
7-Renault Pulse RxZ = Diesel


Lavanya   2015-05-02

Renault Pulse is the sibling of one of the favorite hatchback of India, which is known as Nissan Micra. Renault Pulse comes in a total of 7 variants options, which includes both diesel and petrol. Renault Pulse RxE, Renault Pulse RxL and Renault Pulse RxZ are the names of petrol motor options while Renault Pulse RxE, Renault Pulse RxL, Renault Pulse RxL and Renault Pulse RxZ are the names of diesel motor options available in Renault Pulse.

ananya   2015-02-13

The Renault pulse is coming in 6 different variants out of which three have been discontinued namely Renault Pulse RXE, Renault Pulse RXZ and Renault pulse RXL. The three models in action right now are Renault pulse RXL being available in 5.04 Lac, Renault pulse RXL airbags being available at 6.11 Lac and Renault pulse RXZ being available at 6.81. The vehicle is available at economical prices and features a good quality hatchback.

Ranjan   2015-05-19

I am agreeing with the above statement and having a Renault pulse RXZ with me. I am happy with the car. As far as the variants of pulse is concerned as my dear friend said above in his answer it has total 6 model at the time out of that 3 have been discontinued already. The car features a great design and facilities inside. It looks more like a small wonder.

tushar   2015-06-23

I am also agreeing with the two statements written above. I have the RXL version of the Renault pulse which I bought for around 6 Lac on road. The car features a good vehicle in the hatchback segment. Renault has been a very good brand and having a good list of cars on their portfolio. The best vehicle of Renault is its Duster which has a very good look and appearance and have a very successful history so far.

Nadit   2015-07-10

I am agreeing too with the given answers. Right now there are only three variants of Renault pulse which are great in terms of design and specifications and have been available at a very good price tag as well. The two of the models are available in petrol version that are said to be giving 16 KMPL mileages at the same time it is also available in diesel version which gives a good 22 KMPL mileage.

ved   2015-05-30

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