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How spacious is the cabin of Renault Pulse?

By: Divesh on 8 may 2015

11 Answers:

Renault Pulse belongs to compact hatchback section which means car has to be in compact size. Dimensions start with flat boot gate which unfortunately reduced boot size to 251 liters but this is good for a mid sized car. Neglecting this boot space issue Renault Pulse is blessed with quite spacious cabin which is perfect to fit 5 mid size passengers but rear passengers have to face some struggle to fit their elbows, while head room and leg room is perfect for all passengers. Overall Renault Pulse is spacious hatchback.

Tanish   2015-05-08

Considering a hatchback it has to be compact but the Renault pulse has fairly large cabin space with enough leg room and head room, it can perfectly accommodate 5 mid-sized passengers although there might be bit of a squeeze there for the rear passenger but that is not much of an issue, all in all this little hatchback does well the cabin space making it more comfortable for long drives.

Mehnaz   2015-06-18

I am impressed by the cabin space of Renault pulse, it has properly managed space to ensure comfort. To give everything on the price that it available is commendable, the Renault pulse has enough room so as to fit 5 people freely, although it has reduced its boot space a bit but it has really got the best cabin space in its segment. A big thumps up to this!

Dharam   2015-06-21

I too feel it has got amazing cabin space and seats, so far the best in this segment. The wide angled seats are comfortable and cozy with a large cabin and classy interiors. With a good engine and smooth driving Renault has done really well with the comfort of this typical hatchback, at its fair price this car is a great buy if you are looking for a perfect hatchback.

Mustafa   2015-06-23

A hatchback should be compact yet comfortable as well and Renault pulse does the same. Along with being compact it is very comfortable and spacious, with a fairly large cabin its, seats are wide and specially designed to provide a comfortable sitting positions which makes it very easy travelling for long distances. Renault pulse proves to be a comfortable and reliable hatchback certainly the best from Renault up till now.

Nirdesh   2015-06-24

Comfort Is one of the big concerns in today’s life, as the traveling has increased lately people are keen to buy a compact car which gives them comfort and performance at the same time. The Renault pulse is one such car, it can easily fit in 5 people without any squeeze. The cabin is large enough with considerably large boot as well, Renault pulse is a fairly spacious compact car.

Emraan   2015-06-26

Renault Pulse is an amazing car with exciting features. Comfort is a pre requisite for anybody buying a car. Nobody can compromise with it and I believe nobody should. This mid-sized car is a compact hatchback with flat boot gate. Due to this the boot size is reduced. It offers spacious cabin making it easy for five passengers to fit easily. This is a high point of the car.

lalit   2015-06-30

Renault Pulse offers a lot of features and high points to its customers. Due to its compact size it is a mid-sized car which starts with a flat boot gate. It is a family friendly car because it is comfortable and offers spacious cabin. This is a blessing because upto five passengers can be seated comfortably without any discomfort. This spacious cabin offer covers up for less boot space.

farhan   2015-07-01

Renault Pulse offers a big and roomy cabin. Not only is the comfort of driver but also of the customers taken into consideration while designing the cabin space of the car. This mid-sized car is spacious enough for five passengers. This is actually good and helpful while travelling for long hours together. This makes the journey less tiring and more comfortable and enjoyable. .Also, leg room and head room is perfect.

Amit   2015-07-02

Renault Pulse is a compact mid-sized car which has a lot to offer to lure customers. This is a perfect fit car for people like me who like to travel and drive a lot. This is because it is comfortable car which offers spacious and big cabin space. Spacious cabin corresponds to comfort while driving. Five passengers can easily fit in without any discomfort. Overall it is a must buy hatchback.

Praful   2015-07-03

The cabin of the Renault Pulse is very large and spacious. Five passengers can effortlessly fit into it. Though it is a mid-sized compact car but the spacious cabin space is a valued feature. Moreover, the head and leg room is ideal for all the passengers. I have been driving this car from last one year and feel fresh even after travelling for long because it is a comfortable car. The rear passengers might face some discomfort while resting their elbows.

Ojas   2015-07-04

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