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How are the seats of Ranult Scala ?

By: Ronit on 18 december 2014

5 Answers:

The seats of Renault Scala are amazing. The seats come with just the right amount of cushioning and thigh support. The thigh support is a very crucial thing, if you go for a long ride. The better the thigh support the better you can tolerate long drive. The good thigh supported seats are a necessary features for touring cars like Renault Scala. Many manufactures cut out seat's thigh support in order to get better cabin space, but this is not true in case of Renault Scala. Renault somehow managed to get best in class cabin space and that though without compensating the seat comfort. The seats are also curved inward so that the passenger gets fits into it ensuring that no one slips during tight corners and everything remains stable.
Sonal Gupta   2014-12-18

The seats of Renault Scala are amazingly good and are well cushioned. The curved design of the seats help the passengers and the riders to remain intact at their places even at those tight curves and curvy drives. The flat seat design on the other hand, which is being offered in its competitors, is instable and can be a major problem in the long run. Overall I’ll give seats of this car a 10 star out of 10.

Khushi   2015-01-09

Renault Scala seats and upholstery is of leather with driver height adjustable seats. Although there are certain things which are not available in the car such as driver armrest, active headrest, lumbar support, folding rear seat and audio control in armrest but its manageable. Interior has its own advantage like cup holder placed at rear armrest, adjustable head rest front and rear, front seat pockets and leather wrapped steering wheel.

Yashwant   2015-01-16

This is not just a car it is a car. They have rightly said for this car and this suny. It is very spacious and the seats of this car are very good and comfortable enough for you to fall asleep on a long drive to your favorite place in India.

rohit dabas   2015-01-21

The seats of this costly car are not just enough up to the mark. I love this car because of the performance and driver comfort but the seats could have been much better as they always feel cheap and unworthy of the title of such a big price tag after all.

vikki diya   2015-01-23

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