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How many kilometers i can go with Renault Scala on its full tank?

By: Tez on 21 may 2015

8 Answers:

Hello Tez,

656 kilometer for petrol motor and 861 kilometers for diesel motor Renault Scala can go on it f ull tank. Basically if you multiply the fuel economy with the fuel economy of any car you receive the resultant that denotes that how many kilometer we can go on full tank without refilling it. The fuel economy of petrol motor is 16kmpl while 21kmpl is for diesel motor. The buyer should keep in mind that fuel tank capacity stays constant for all motors and variants. According to fact and figures above mentioned numbers are appreciable and also class leading.


Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-05-21

Renault Scala claims a highway mileage of 17 km per litre and has a fuel tank capacity of 41 litres, hence it can take you around 697 km on its full tank.  So, you can roam really long without worrying about refilling the petrol tank. Similarly, with diesel motor you can drive around 861 kms at a stretch considering 21 kmpl mileage and 41 litres of fuel tank. Multiplying fuel tank capacity (in litres) and mileage gets you the number of km that a car can run on full tank.

Sangeeta   2015-05-31

You can go 600 kms very easily as the Renault scala is having 41 liter fuel tank with petrol variant of it. If you are going longer through good highways like Yamuna expressway then obviously it will go like 670-690. The diesel variant of scala is having better fuel efficiency. It gives a mileage of 19 kmpl, so you can go 750-770 kms very easily. Additionally mileage is a factor which varies on driving style and traffic and road scenarios so you will find a different figure every time you ask a new person.

Nutan   2015-06-09

I agree with the above statement completely. Average of a vehicle depends on several parameters like roads, driving habits and traffic. If you are on a long trip say Delhi to Lucknow i.e. almost 570 kms and you get open roads everywhere so there your vehicle will give a very good average when compared to going from Delhi to Gurgaon everyday and coming back. A tank full of diesel variant of scala can drag your car 700-780 kms approximately and petrol version will give you like 620 kms full tank.

Veer   2015-06-10

I am a Renault scala diesel version owner from last three months and I love my car but I never checked properly that how much mileage it is giving but it I not so bad. I go from south Delhi to Noida i.e. 30 kms everyday and additionally I travel inside the city on weekends as well but I refuel my tank twice a month only. When calculated above statistics are seems to be very accurate. Hence I am not unhappy with my car. It’s awesome in other features.

Tanish   2015-06-11

As far as above comments are concerned I have some same thoughts only. I own a petrol version of scala. Hence it is not giving very good average and little bit tough on pocket but when I see the look and the elegance coming with this car that’s not a big concern. I love the way it is. Generally it gives me an average of 15 kms per liters with air condition and 17 without it. Hence I am not in hurry while driving so for me its good. But I heard people saying that scala is not good on mileage. It goes like more than 600 kms after a full refueling.

Nirvan   2015-06-12

It is difficult to answer this question accurately, because the amount of fuel a vehicle can guzzle depends upon a lot of factors. These include your driving habits, condition of the engine, tyre pressure, road condition and traffic on the road. The Renault Koleos is provided with a huge 41 litres of fuel tank. The mileage provided by this car on the city roads is an average 16 Kmpl and 21Kmpl on the highways. Therefore, you can travel up to 656kms in full fuel tank in city streets and around 861kms on the highways.

Fardeen   2015-06-18

The fuel capacity of the car is around 41 litres. One can easily drive 697 km with 41 litres on city roads and can drive 750 km on highways. The engine is quite good which gives immense power for long distance journey. One can easily go for long distance journey with this car. On rough calculation we can see that one can easily dive 697 km with all difficulties on city roads and 750 km on highways. The fuel efficiency also depends upon many other factors, like the maintenance of the car, driving technique of the car, effects the mileage a lot.

Sanskar   2015-07-17

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