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Which is the economical speed for Renault Scala?

By: Tez on 21 june 2015

5 Answers:

Hello Mr. Tez !!

The economical speed of the Renault Scala is around 55-65 kmph. Always try to maintain this speed to ensure that your car is giving best possible mileage. Over speeding or over accelerating your vehicle will always give you less mileage. Remember higher the RPM, more the consumption of the fuel and vice versa.

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Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-21

The economical speed for the Renault scala and any other car in this segment is around 55 to 65 KMPL. Maintaining the speed between 55 to 65 KMPL will not only help you give more mileage but also put less strain on the engine which increases its life. The more you drive at high speed the more stress for engine and less will be the fuel efficiency with increased maintenance.

Bindu   2015-06-26

I think ideal speed should be between 55to65 KMPL so as to give maximum fuel efficiency. However the mileage your car gives also depends on your driving, frequent use of clutch and gear change reduces the mileage of your car. if you maintain you drive between 55to65 kmpl it will help a lot however pushing it up to 85to90 KMPL on a highway won’t make much of a difference.

Himanshu   2015-06-27

Maintain the speed between 55 to 60 kmpl is key to increase the fuel efficiency of any car. This is the economic speed advised by manufacturers as well, the company claimed mileage is also calculated at the speed of 60 kmpl under standard condition this will reduce the strain on your engine help you increase the life of car which makes it easy to maintain the car and spare-parts required.

Sagar   2015-06-29

Renault Scala being a slight low on fuel efficiency, it is very important to take care of the engine and the mileage. This can be achieved by keep your speed between 55 to 60 kmpl, this is considers as the economic speed which help in maintaining the average as claimed by the manufacturer. Also it reduces the hassle of frequent maintenance and repairs that are cause due to improper handling.

Vidya   2015-06-30

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