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About Rolls-Royce

It was the time of 1906, when Charles Rolls and Henry Royce formed a history by establishing this company which later became the most prestigious automotive brand which is known as Rolls Royce all over the globe. Only the name of Rolls Royce is enough to create a sparkling sentiment in an individual. The Rolls Royce models namely Silver Shadow, Silver Ghost and Phantom are true form of opulence and complete luxury. In 1973, when Rolls Royce separated its name from Rolls Royce Ltd. Rolls Royce Motors came into an actual form. In India, Rolls Royce has maintained its presence by selling its phenomenal car model Phantom. Phantom is being produced in very small number; however this lavishness it truly hard to get for everyone.

Market Presence Of Rolls Royce:

Entire auto market has seen in full favor of Rolls Royce cars. Rolls Royce cars are considered as the finest car models of the world. They produce highly expensive, lavish and luxurious car models for high class car lovers. These cars are not in reach of every common man, but only a VIP can afford a Roll Royce. Still, people love this car and dream to have one in their life time. The performance and entire design always satisfies car owners. This is a reason why we see entire market loves Rolls Royce from the core.

Rolls Royce Car Models Available In The Market:
At present, Rolls Royce has brought up some attractive luxury segments in the market. These segments include 2 latest luxury cars and 2 super luxury car models in India. Rolls Royce cars in India include Rolls Royce Ghost, Rolls Royce Phantom, Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe and Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe. The Rolls Royce Ghost is a premium lavish segment of the company that is priced at 2.50 to 3.05 crore INR. Rolls Royce Phantom is another spectacular model costing 3.34 crore INR. Phantom Coupe and Drophead Coupe of Rolls Royce is priced at 4 crore and 4.01 Crore INR respectively.

Latest Rolls Royce Car Model In India:
Rolls Royce keeps on upgrading its existing car models and also design best of the best’s car models to make automotive world surprised. Recently, Rolls Royce Wraith has reached to the Indian auto market which is priced at 4, 60, 00,000 INR. This is another unbeatable car range of this prestigious company and is all set to excite automotive lovers with its exquisite look, phenomenal design and fabulous performance.

For details, visit Rolls-Royce India's official website.