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Rolls-Royce Ghost


Rolls-Royce Ghost Key Features

Hand Crafted Interiors

Hand Crafted Interiors

The hand-stitched leather work and meticulously crafted veneers surround you with contemporary style.

Premium Materials

Premium Materials

The finest leather and wood veneers,the cashmere-blended roof lining and soft lambswool floor mats all cosset you from the outside

Progammable Seats

Progammable Seats

Sculpted and ventilated massage seats can be programmed to remember your favourite seating position.

Key Features will be different from variant to variant


  • Swift acceleration
  • Luxurious and comfortable cabin
  • Highly customizable


  • Prohibitive cost
  • Merely adequate boot space
  • Not up to the Rolls Royce standard
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Rolls-Royce Ghost Reviews (19)

Luxurious sedan

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Aritrika Sanyal on 10 December 2014
The Ghost model of Rolls Royce is a comparatively toned down variant of other cars launched by the company. It has a simple design made out of steel monocoque that is crafted in such a way that it exudes class in its most pure form. The interior, as expected of any Rolls Royce product is top class with...  Read More »

This is a headturner!

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Mrigya Sharma on 17 October 2015
Rolls Royce Ghost is a car made for royalty and grandness. People drool over its looks because it makes its presence felt. I am spellbound by the treatment the car gives to its passenger. I love it because its classy and performs amazingly well on the roads as well! Quite a head turner.  Read More »

This is too good

Overall rating: 5 Reviewed By: Akshay Bhatia on 03 October 2015
Every Rolls Royce is elegant and luxurious and Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Wheel Base is no different. Along with the looks it also has great engine and mileage. The power of the engine is a rocking 6592cc! It has 8 airbags for its security. The mileage on city roads is 3.2 kmpl and on highways is 6.5...  Read More »

Rolls Royce Ghost review

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Rohit Nangia on 01 September 2015
My neighbor has this Ghost from last eight months, once I also got a chance to drove this amazing machine and I can not explain that ultimate experience in words, comfort level of this vehicle is far above than the other vehicle there are no match of this unique machine.  Read More »

Extreme luxury offered for a great price

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Vipul Chauhan on 12 August 2015
There is no reason to disagree with the above opinions given by different Rolls-Royce Ghost owners. In fact, I own a Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase model which is equally good in comparison with the Ghost model. The vehicle is equipped with a powerful 6592 cc engine with 12 cylinders, the vehicle...  Read More »

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Rolls-Royce Ghost Overview

Created over a lunch by Henry Royce & Charles Rolls in May 1904, this brand belongs to the royal class, the name equally heavy as the car they make.
The first new Rolls Royce of the 21st century began with a challenge to build the best car in the world, and the Phantom was born.
Rolls-Royce Ghost Overview
This elite legacy was then carried on in the next stage of evolution, the Ghost series. This gave Rolls Royce two pinnacle product ranges each having their own personality. In 2013, the car surpassed its target with an overall revenue increase of 30% over 2012.
Rolls-Royce Ghost Overview

Rolls-Royce Ghost Exterior

The ghost is basically a very expensive box on wheels. No cuts, no extended body parts, no aerodynamics, no fancy additives yet simply exquisite. The front houses the flagship grill & head lamps of the 21st century Rolls Royce.
Rolls-Royce Ghost Exterior
This flows into the big bonnet which contains the massive 6.6L V12 power plant. The wheel arches don’t spill out too much and are right next to the traditional opposite –side opening doors of the car. This body work then extends into the rear end of the car. RR Ghost employs an overall car width of about two meters and a length of 5.4 meters.
Rolls-Royce Ghost Exterior
Subtle yet stunning, the Ghost is the essence of Rolls Royce in its purest form.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Interior

When the talk is about Rolls Royce, it is the impeccable interiors that come to one’s mind. Entering and exiting the Ghost’s cabin are equally graceful. The superior quality leather, plush buttons, expensive wooden finish and vintage dials, all make the driver never want to get out of driving seat. The noise cancellation in the cabin is said to be so precise that one cannot hear the engine when it starts and revs up as he/she accelerates.
Rolls-Royce Ghost Interior
Overall, the plush interiors give a feel of cocooned in one's own private sanctuary from the outside world. There are plenty of ways to keep the passengers occupied in the Ghost even in the longest of journeys. The theatre configuration lets the rear passengers enjoy DVDs or even television on the individually controlled 9.2 inch LCD screens.
Rolls-Royce Ghost Interior

Rolls-Royce Ghost Engine & Transmission

The Ghost runs a powerful twin turbo 6.6 litre V12 engine mated to an eight speed automatic gearbox. With four valves per cylinder, the Ghost produces a phenomenal 563 brake horse power and 780 Nm of torque @ 1500 rpm. The non-availability of a diesel engine might be a drawback for some but who cares when he/she is behind the wheels of the most luxurious car in the world.
Rolls-Royce Ghost Engine & Transmission

Rolls-Royce Ghost Mileage

With so much tech, gadgets & weight loaded into a car with a twin turbo charged V12 engine, Rolls Royce have managed to keep the mileage numbers straight. The car delivers 3.2 kmpl in city traffic conditions & 6.5 kmpl on the highway

Rolls-Royce Ghost Braking and Safety

The Ghost sports a huge 395 & 402 mm front and rear ventilated disc which provide good reduction in the braking distance. Much like the other equipment, there's a plethora of safety devices available on the Ghost.

Inclusion of powerful brakes and safety features, the Ghost makes so much sense when it comes to providing a safe and luxurious means of transport.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Performance and Handling

The eight speed automatic gearbox sending all the power from the V12 to the rear wheels lets the Ghost go from 0-100 kmph in just 4.7 seconds. It hits a top speed of 248 kmph with much ease. For a car weighing easily over four tons this is an exceptional figure. It also features the adaptive suspension system and anti roll bars, that sense & adjust automatically even when a passenger shifts from one side of the car to another.

Overall the performance is mind-blowing and offers a very serene ride to the passengers.

The Ghost, the lightest member of the Rolls-Royce family is a head turner in terms of handling. The steering wheel is a speed sensitive variable rate power assisted with a steering ratio of 19.9:1 and a wheel lock to lock of 3.1 revolutions. The adaptive suspension keeps the car planted with minimum body roll. Thanks to the adaptive anti roll bars.

What do we think about Rolls-Royce Ghost?

The Ghost is a luxury sedan with a huge sporty character added to it. It stands out, and being a Rolls-Royce, it creates an impression that lasts longer than one would think.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Competitors

While there's no competition to a Rolls, but you can get a Bentley Mulsanne for similar money. There a lot of supercars in the same vicinity price-wise, but you would not be looking at a Ghost if you had to buy a supercar in the first place.

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