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Immensely comfortable and very fast

User review on Rolls-Royce Phantom written by Lochana on 06 November 2014

Year of Manufacture : 2010 | Driven no. of Kms. : NA

Overall rating: 5
Overall rating: 5
Overall rating: 5
Overall rating: 5
Overall rating: 5
Pros: Refined, immensely comfortable and very fast, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is also far more agile than it looks. Fine materials, all put together beautifully.
Cons: Wind noise at motorway speed is disappointing. Rear-hinged rear doors and styling are controversial, while it\'s disappointing that you can\'t adjust the rear seats. Lacks some safety equipment.
The Phantom weighs a mighty two.5 tonnes. However, due to its metallic element spaceframe, that’s 300kg but it might have weighed if conventionally designed from steel. With a BMW-sourced. 6.8 metric capacity unit V12 married to Associate in Nursing eight-speed gear case, you won’t need for performance. Given its size, the Phantom is amazingly wieldy , though it pays to be neat with its responsive and correct steering and to adopt a steady-in, fast-out approach to bends. Some bumps cause the wheel to quiver however the ride is opulently snug.

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