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What is the function of ABS and does Skoda Octavia comes with ABS?

By: param on 11 june 2015

7 Answers:

Hello Param !!

Yes the Skoda Octavia comes with an ABS. The ABS is a safety feature in the car, that allows the wheel on a ,motor vehicle to maintain tractive contact with the road surface according to driver inputs while braking, preventing the wheels from locking up (ceasing rotation ) and avoid skidding of the car. It is a feature to must have in the car, as it is for the safety of the passengers and the driver.

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Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-11

ABS stands for Anti lock breaking system, which will enable the vehicle to sense the speed and break force required to apply the brake. This calculation helps the vehicle to put enough brake pressure which will stop the wheels to be getting locked irrespective of the surface it is being run. Yes Skoda is a pioneer vehicle available with ABS with electronic break support. It enables the vehicle to run safely in any road condition and any weather.

Bhushan   2015-06-26

The Skoda Octavia is blessed with a vacuum help out hydraulic double diagonal circuit braking beside with twin rate system. Its front wheels are built-in with disc brakes, which also has inner cooling function with piston calipers, while the rear wheels are outfitted with a set of solid disc brakes. It is supplementary safety feature in the vehicles ABS (assisted by anti lock braking system) along with electronic brake force distribution.

Subham   2015-08-03

I am agreeing with the Skoda Octavia comes with safety aspect like, (ABS) assisted by anti lock braking system along with electronic brake force distribution. On the other hand, the front axle is assembled with a McPherson strut with lower triangular bar links and torsion stabilizer, which helps to control on the road and as per to driver inputs while braking, put a stop to the wheels from locking up, This feature makes the journey safe and sound.

Lavish   2015-07-31

The anti lock braking system is a mechanism which allows a vehicle to keep control over it to work perfectly on any kind of surface. The system monitors the speed of each wheel and then accordingly decides the amount of work force to be applied on the vehicle to stop locking. When the system detects an immediate braking, it releases the pressure for a moment and then applies the efficient amount of braking power to stop wheel getting locked. The Skoda Octavia is a good car and has the functionality inside the car.

Sharan   2015-08-02

I am agreeing with the above answer, The Anti-0lock breaking system allows the vehicle form the fatal situations due to immediate breaking due to disturbance over the road or may be a surface which can lead to the locking of the wheels. It keeps on monitoring the speed of the vehicle and then calculates the amount of brake power required to stop the vehicle easily and safely. The Skoda Octavia I equipped with the ABS along with the Electronic brake force distribution.

Nised   2015-08-03

I am agreeing too, the Skoda Octavia is equipped with ABS and EBD as well as the hydraulic brake assistant. It has the feature of tire pressure monitoring, and lot more. Now coming to the ABS( Anti-lock braking system) which has been designed to electrin9cally calculating the break force required to save the wheels of the vehicle getting locked. ABS saves vehicle from getting its wheels locked as well as it saves the vehicle to getting skidding.

Akhilesh   2015-08-04

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