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How increase fuel economy of Skoda Octavia?

By: Kamal on 20 june 2015

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Hello Kamal !!

There are numerous ways for increasing the fuel efficiency of a car, some of the ways are as follows – 1. Turn off the engine at the red lights, this is actually very fuel efficient, it saves around 20% of the fuel. 2. Good maintenance of the car, keep your car well maintained, it is the key to better fuel efficiency, make sure you are servicing your vehicle at authorized service centre and also make sure good quality engine oil is used, for better performance. 3. Do not over accelerate, driving the car on higher speeds, consume 10% more the fuel, always try to maintain an economical speed, that is around 50-60 kmph of speed. 4. Keep your tyres inflated, it saves much fuel in the car, and also use good quality tyres. Following the above mentioned things will save your fuel.

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Team Autoportal

Team Autoportal   2015-06-20

Although the Skoda Octavia is reported to be low on fuel efficiency, but there are a numberof ways how you can increase the fuel efficiency of your Skoda Octavia. One of the ways is by keeping the speed between 60 to 65 KMPL this will help you in gaining more average also switching off the engine when the car is stationary will help in saving on your fuel bills.

Manan   2015-06-24

Apart from the above two methods your fuel efficiency will depend on how you drive your car, less usage of clutch and gear help increase the fuel efficiency also less accelerating with consume 10% less fuel than that at high speeds. Maintaining the engine and proper routine services is the trick to obtain good fuel efficiency, also keep your tires inflated to ensure smooth drive to reduce strain on engine.

Meghul   2015-06-26

In spite of being powerful the new Skoda Octavia is fails to make its mark on the fuel efficiency department. However there are a few ways by which you can increase the fuel efficiency the car. first of all the car should be maintained properly, proper tuning and oiling of engine keeps the mileage constant also minimum usage of  clutch and gear prove to be helpful in saving the fuel.

Namit   2015-06-28

The more powerful engine is the less is the efficiency and that is exactly the case with Skoda Octavia, all you can do is follow some simple measures which will help you in maintaining the fuel economy. 1 regular services and check up of the engine, 2 maintaining the speed between 55 to 60 KMPL, 3 avoid frequent acceleration and 4 switch off the engine when the car is stationary.

Romit   2015-06-30

Fuel economy is a concerning affair. However the fuel economy can be enhanced in a number of ways. It is always recommended to switch off the ignition when stopped at red light or signal. One more proficient way to save the fuel is to ride the car around speeds of 50-60 Km per hour as it is regarded as the economical driving speed. Refrain from over-speeding and do properly maintain the car. Maintenance needs to be done at the authorized service centres so that the car can be kept in a very good condition for a longer period of time. Better the condition; more is the fuel economy.

Kamal   2015-07-02

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