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What are the improvements in new Skoda Rapid ?

By: Bijit on 5 august 2014

4 Answers:

Skoda has intrduced plenty of new features in Rapid. There is significant change in outlook it produces.The chiselled curves and moulded body lines with black elements makes in the new Rapid look charming than the earlier one.The new set of seats with height adjustable headrests, height adjustable steering wheel, highly efficient climatic airconditioning system makes the new one more advanced. Even in storage spaces thee is improvement with provision of seperate glovebox for front and rear passengers. Remote opening and closing of electrically adjustable windows, and lot more smaller but significant improvements are acheived in new Rapid making it fit the change in trend.

Sonal Gupta    2014-08-05

There are several smaller changes, which are been done to keep this bold car on trend as it is. Some new curves and graphic options are being introduced. The electronics have been advanced to keep this car technically advanced. In terms of practicality the new Rapid is much better with introduction of more storage spaces and with a separate glove box for front and rear people.

Simmi   2014-08-29

New Skoda Rapid offers several new amazing features like new curves and graphic options. This new car is widely concentrated on electronics that is technically more advanced. There is much more improvements in storage spaces that include separate glove box for front and rear peoples. Seats are also much improved in terms of adjustable headrests, efficient climate air conditioning system, electrically adjustable windows, and much more in this new Rapid car.

Rinne   2014-09-10

Skoda Rapid has been improvised with abundant new features and change in the outlook. It contains molded body lines with curves which makes the car look classy. The electronic parts have been advanced to keep the car technically updated. Seats with adjustable head rest, climatic controller air-conditioning system, adjustable steering wheel are some of the great advanced feature in the vehicle. Storage capacity has undergone some useful changes. Windows can be operated with remote-controller. It also has a separate glove-box for both front and rear passengers. Graphic options are just superb to make one fall for this new version of the car.

Madhu   2015-03-13

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