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What is the resale value of Skoda Rapid?

By: Bilas on 14 august 2014

4 Answers:

Skoda cars have unique place in used car market with their ever green status of luxury cars simplified. There is significant demand for all cars from Skoda. Rapid though in market since few years, you can find only limited number of them in used car market. It could be due to lesser number of units combinded with superb performance of the same with which there is tendency of prolonged usage of the same by respective owner. In genera you can get a fairly conditoned Skoda Rapid for about 6 Lakh onwards. It can range more than 8Lakhs depending upon usage done, variant and features available in it and lot of other parameters. All in all Skoda Rapid has superb resale value and its going to maintain the status for longtime.

Sonal Gupta    2014-08-14

Brand like Skoda are well known for creating vehicles which comes with trust for running for almost a decade which signifies that Skoda Rapid also shares the character. This character shows that you can use this car for couple of years and sell easily. Before selling this car after you usage you should keep in mind that good body conation and regular maintenance helps you find better and good customers who willing to pay you good resale.

Dushyant   2015-02-27

Skoda rapid is running perfectly on Indian roads from last few years. The trust factor of Skoda, driving comfort, great looks, low maintenance and good fuel efficiency makes it a popular choice among the sedan buyers. Though, you get very few options to buy rapid as a second hand car. You will definitely get a good resale amount for rapid like other of skoda cars. Like in general, resale value depends on the body and engine condition and no. of kms driven.

Mikesh   2015-06-07

Skoda Rapid, undoubtedly has a huge demand in the car market since it has a brilliant tag name and is a classy car. However the people do not want to sell them away because it gives the best of service and comes with great user-friendly features. The price depends on the condition of the car and engine, number of kilometers driven and on the age of the car. A fair-enough conditioned Skoda Rapid can fetch minimum 6 lakhs and the amount varies. This car has got a superb resale value and it will be maintained for the next few years.

Rishabh   2015-06-22

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