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What are the up and downsides of Skoda Rapid?

By: Parineeta on 15 november 2014

8 Answers:

Well, Skoda Rapid is the entry level sedan, which is available in both diesel and petrol versions. There are a number of variants from low to top ends this car offers. It is noteworthy that this sedan not only has spacious internal cabin with lots of comfort features but also has refreshed exteriors that add to its advantage. The fuel economy of the diesel variants of Skoda is pretty good. It is available in both manual and automatic transmission gearbox. Its engine performance is good and the acceleration and pick up too are excellent. The downsides of Skoda are that the after sales service needs to be improved. Its ground clearance is very low, cost of maintenance and spare are expensive, mileage of petrol variants is not satisfying and the diesel engine’s noise and harshness can be reduced. 

Sonal Gupta   2014-11-15

Hi Parineeta, Well, i own a rapid and has been driving it for last couple of years. I think the cars is good in terms of features and space inside the cabin, however it has got a few downsides as well. First, it won't return a good mileage, that you means you'll endup spending more than required on fuel. Second, maintaining a rapid is not an easy task. Last, rapid is a bit costlier than the other sedans. Overall, it a good car, but again if you are looking for fuel economy, it's not the car for you, whereas, if space and engineering are your primary requirement, you can go for it.

Kaushal   2014-12-24

Although, Skoda Rapid is known as the complete car, however, it too has its downsides. Let us talk about its pros, which include spacious internal cabin with lots of comfort features. The fuel economy of the diesel variants of this sedan is quite impressive. Its refreshed exteriors are absolutely enticing and leave you zapped. On the other hand, the after sales service of Rapid needs to be improved as there are only a few service centers in India. Moreover, the cost of maintenance and spare parts of this sedan is very high. Its lower ground clearance is one of its major drawbacks and keeping the Indian roads in mind, this is something very crucial.

Rahusha   2015-01-24

Skoda Rapid is a premium sedan made available at economical price, it is available in both diesel and petrol variant. The Skoda Rapid is not only spacious and comfortable but it also has vibrant new interiors the fuel economy of the diesel. The set back of this car are low fuel efficiency of petrol variant, expensive after sale services and spare parts are big demerit also the ground-clearance is low.

Mithun   2015-07-02

I’ve been driving my rapid since a while and according to me this car is good in terms of space and comfort, not only this but it also works well on performance. Being said this there are few as drawbacks as well, the major drawback is the fuel efficiency it just manages about 12kmpl in city also the engine becomes noisy at high speed. It gets very expensive to maintain.

Purab   2015-07-03

Well, the ups for me of the Skoda Rapid are its amazing looks, powerful engine, great comfort, spacious cabin, classy interiors and economic price. There are a very few sedans that offer this much at that price also with good safety measures. The drawbacks according to me are of course the fuel efficiency and after sale services apart from these there are few issues not to be worried much about.

Sanchit   2015-07-04

Skoda rapid is a sedan which along with being powerful and is sporty is comfortable as well as the interiors are classy and mild which adds up to the driving experience and comfort of the driver and passengers. The only setbacks as said by everyone are the issues related to fuel economy and very expensive after sale services and spare parts also some people complain to have low ground clearance as well.b

Rudransh   2015-07-06

Skoda is the most comfortable sedan in this segment and at that price as well. Along with the huge cabin and cozy seats there are these electronic components like climate control, Bluetooth connectivity and stereo accessibility gives more to the driver just  than driving. Few problems like costly spare parts and after sale services and low fuel efficiency prove to be the glitches in its way ahead.

Prabhjot   2015-07-07

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