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Is the Skoda Rapid a good car in terms of its ride quality, handling and performance on regular as well as rough roads? Also, does the performance get affected after 70,000 to 80,000kms?

By: Aryan Saggar on 29 june 2016

1 Answers:

Skoda Rapid is a well-built vehicle which has a mature handling and ride quality. It is easy to drive but the after sale services can be a pain and can leave you with a big hole in your pocket. It can handle rough roads pretty decently too but a lot depends on how you drive and maintain the car.
As for the performance after a 70,000 – 80,000 kms; this will be directly affected by how the car is driven and how well it is maintained. If you’re getting it serviced from an authorised station regularly and also taking care of the fuel quality as well as other minute details then the performance of the car is not adversely affected but general wear and tear can definitely be expected. 

Dihru   2016-06-29

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