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What is the top speed of Skoda Yeti?

By: Ashish on 16 july 2014

2 Answers:

It has reputation of top performance onroad .In a given  good road condition, it can be driven at more than 180kmph. It has high controlled driveability even at high speeds, thanks to the torsion stabilisers,disc brakes with inner cooling, aerodynamic shape of vehicle and more.


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Sonal Gupta    2014-07-16

I agree with my friends view on Skoda Yeti. This SUV is simple perfect performer weather it is road or off the road as mentioned above this SUV can hit maximum speed of 180km/hr in straight line, which is appreciable. I also further like elaborate that engine under the hood of Skoda Yeti is very responsive and provides good pick up where pin sharp steering provides perfect feedback from the road to the driver. All though this belongs to SUV class but still comes with decent which is perfect to fit in city traffic.

Darshan   2014-07-18

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