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What is the boot space of Skoda Yeti?

By: Harish on 4 june 2014

8 Answers:

There is ample space available behind second row for storage of luggage.Bags of more than average size can be accomodated. If  proper space is made use of then it can acommodate large spaces.


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Sonal Gupta    2014-06-04

Skoda yeti is a winner in this area as it has 416 Liters storage capacity. If you fold the rear seats which is a very good option given in yeti you will get additional 1069 liters additional and total it will be having 1485 liters of boot space. The same can be extended by 180 liters more if the rear seats are removed, then the total boot space will be 1665 liters which is a very huge boot space. It’s a very spacious car.

Madhu   2015-06-13

I agree with the above statement, Skoda yeti is really a spacious car additional to 416 default boot space and 1485 after folding back seat there are several other space options given in the car. Under the arm rest you will find cup holders. There is plenty of leg and headroom space, plus a very good storage, also a very big glove box and a nice cup-holder with a large lidded dash cubby.

Niranjan   2015-06-15

Skoda yeti is one of the most spacious cars. My views are matching up with above statements. It has 416 liters of space in rear with everything at its place. Easily three big sized luggages can accommodate into it. If you fold the rear seat 2 kids can sleep easily as it will be having approx 1500 liters boot space then. This car is very spacious where you can get in and out easily.

Sagar   2015-06-17

I am acknowledging the above statements true, we were going from Delhi to Haridwar and as usual we had a lot of luggage with us additionally while returning 2 more bags added but it was easily fitted inside. So once you fold the rear seats you can sleep easily inside it. I love the way it is been designed. Awesome experience. The car is very spacious, so I never found any difficulty in adding any number of luggage.

Monu   2015-06-19

The new Skoda yeti has inbuilt general boot space of 416 liters which is an enough space to put 2-3 large bags inside the rear. But with the well designed interior and removable seat option it can be raised. One can raise the boot space to 1485 liters after folding the rear seats, which make the boot space enough for two small sleeping but this is not the all. Skoda yeti comes with rear seat removal option which will raise the boot space again by additional 180 liters and gives an overall space of 1665 liters.

Mayuresh   2015-06-20

I have same thought, just look at the above written feature, 1665 liters of boot space, we are struggling to accommodate one extra bag inside the car and it becomes very hectic to do the same. But here a complete home can be kept inside a SUV. Awesome, 1665 liters is really an enormous boot space for a SUV. You can keep plenty of luggages inside and roam around the whole country and do more shopping and keep them inside as well.

Tipesh   2015-06-21

Extra shopping is not a bad idea at all. I own a yeti and we never need to remove the seats as just by folding the rear seats we get ample boot space who can be carry medium sized goods like computers, lcd’s, photo copier machines, medium sized cartoons and a lot more. Again you can do some more shopping and put them inside also. Sometimes being on a long tour we just fold the seats and my son and daughter sleeps there easily and enjoys the ride by sleeping there for hours.

Angad   2015-06-23

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