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How can I improve performance of Skoda Yeti ?

By: Anish on 27 november 2014

2 Answers:

Maintaining new car is quite easy as it is backed up with warranty. Any defective parts due to manufacturing faults can be replaced free of cost. Generally the chances of arising of problems is also less. However for better usage and longer duration of service of the vehicle, apart from regular maintenance as per schedule, some attention needs to be given to checking of battery condition, wear and tear of tyres, cheking oil levels and coolent levels, checking of proper working of electrical connections and so on would help to keep track of condition of vehicle. Also recommended to get the wheel alignment and balancing done on regular basis for perfect control while driving at high speeds and also for long term usage of tyres.

Sonal Gupta   2014-11-27

The maintenance of this car is not much difficult; in fact it is quite easy. As Skoda Yeti comes with warranty so if you have ever find any defective part, then it can be replaced without spending a penny. Manufacturer provide free of costs services for every manufacturing faults. Though, the chances of occurring any problem is very rare but you need to give some attention to the battery condition, oil levels, wear and tear of tyres, electrical conditions and so on. Regular checking would help you to keep track on your car’s condition.

Manvya   2014-12-19

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